9 Things About You That The Right Guy Will *Always* Appreciate!

9 Things About You That The Right Guy Will *Always* Appreciate!
Believe it or not, the “right” guy isn’t a myth, ladies. He may not be perfect, but he will definitely appreciate you, and make you feel happy! Here are a few things about you that only the right man will appreciate. Hold on to him when you find him! ;)

1. Your success…

Even if you’re much more successful than he is. Because a good man will never feel threatened by your success. He will in fact encourage you to achieve more and more.

2. Your dreams!

No matter how big or small, the right man for you will be supportive of your dreams. He will never discourage you or tell you that you can’t do something. You can achieve anything you want  - and he knows that too!

things a good man appreciates

3. Your face when you wake up in the morning!

Because that's when you’re at your most beautiful natural self. #NoFilter and gorgeous!

4. The little things you do for him or his family…

Many times, the little things one does can go unnoticed. But those little things are what usually take up the most time and effort - because they are well thought out. The right guy will appreciate the time and effort you put into making life easier for him, even in the smallest of ways! You do, after all, deserve recognition for all your efforts!

things a good man appreciates

5. Your appetite!

Yes, yes! Seriously, girls, a man who loves you will love to see you eat to your heart's content! He really doesn’t want to jinx your appetite!


6. Your individuality

He knows you’re your own person and he loves that about you. A man who appreciates that you have your own opinion and beliefs in life - just like he does - is a man worth holding on to!

things a good man appreciates

7. Your sense of humour!

A guy ought to appreciate his girl’s sense of humour and laugh with her - even if the jokes aren’t all that great. Don’t you agree ladies?! :P

8. Your body…

Ladies, trust us, if you’re with the right man, he will never make you feel bad about your body or try and tear down your self-esteem. Each woman is beautiful no matter what shape or size she is. That is what makes each one of us so unique and special! So don't ever let a man tell you what shape your body ought to be in.

things a good man appreciates

9. Your emotions...

Which might even be overwhelming at times! The right guy for you will understand that you can be sensitive and emotional about things at times. He isn’t going to make you feel bad about it or tell you that there is something wrong with you for feeling so many things! Different things resonate with different people, and just because you might feel emotional about different things than him doesn’t mean you’re wrong!

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