These Are The Cutest Bride And Her Besties Photos We’ve Seen!

These Are The Cutest Bride And Her Besties Photos We’ve Seen!
You knows what’s the most special part of my life? I am blessed with the best girlfriends in the world. And I am sure girls all over feel just the same for their BFFs. So now that one of my besties has been fixed, we are all planning on this one big ‘Bride & Bestie’ photoshoot before she bids goodbye to singlehood. Here are 7 super cute bride and bestie photoshoots we loved and you would too!

1. The runaway bride

No this isn’t Greece. It’s a place called The Perfect Location in Faridabad, Haryana. First, we love the black and pink theme, and how adorable are those pink hairbands! The brides flowy pink skirt, the friends running behind her - this is just one of those pictures that made us go ‘awww’!

2. The big V

A gorgeous bride with her entourage. If you can’t find time to schedule a bride and bestie shoot, keep this awesome pose in mind that can be done just before the bride steps into her Mr Right’s arms! A pic with a dozen girls and pretty outfits is bound to look awesome!

3. Say hello to the diva!

Isn’t this just the way we girls imagine ourselves to be? Wearing designer gowns, glamorous makeup and posing for the shutterbugs! Get a large frame as a prop, throw on your most stunning outfits and start posing.

4. Cowgirl swag!

A photo posted by Morvi Images (@morvi_images) on

Why didn’t I do this when I got married?! This Texas cowboy-themed shoot is the hottest thing ever. Perfectly coordinated outfits, the sexy boots and hats, a wooden ranch, this picture is totally badass!


5. Like a fairytale

This is beautiful. We just love how perfectly planned this shoot is. The bride wears a gorgeous purple gown while the bridesmaids are all in pastel shades of pink. Soft curls and flower crowns for the hair, and a backdrop that’s straight out of our childhood fairy tales. There's a certain softness to this shot.

6. Excitement at its best!

Doesn’t this pic look oh-so-cute? The bride and besties getting excited over all the stunning stuff those floral suitcases hold. This just proves that the right props and the cutest expressions can do wonders for your photoshoot.

7. The famous hand on hip

bride and bestie photo7

Fashion blogger Shreya Kalra just had her roka ceremony and it was anything but usual! She shared this colourful pic of herself with her besties with us. It’s the favourite every-girl-loves-hand-on-hip pose! It’s the easiest thing to do and makes for a great FB cover picture!

Photo Credit: Fotowalle

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