What Really Happened The First Time He Went Down On Me!

What Really Happened The First Time He Went Down On Me!

I was nineteen years old when it happened. Rishav was my first serious boyfriend. Well, my first boyfriend, really. Since I’d only ever had crushes on people before that. Nothing two-way. Anyway, I’d met him in my first year of college, but we didn’t start dating until second year. And it was great - he was just the most perfect guy. Sweet, smart, not “handsome”, but really cute and charming. Within three months of being together, we’d realized that we were meant to be. One Friday afternoon, he told me that his parents had gone out of town unexpectedly, and his house was completely empty. Naturally, we decided to bunk classes and immediately head to his place - it was rare for us to get such a perfect opportunity and enough privacy to make out. We had to take advantage of it. After our usual thing of kissing (and my God was he a good kisser!) and touching, he reached for the snap of my jeans. “I’m feeling very nervous...” I told him.   “Babe, I only want to touch you,” he said, smiling gently at me. “We’re not having sex so soon!” I heaved a sigh of relief. As much as I loved him - and knew that he loved me - I wasn’t sure about taking such a big step. But I was okay with exploring more than we’d done so far. I’d never been touched by anyone down there, and I was quite keen to find out what the experience would be like! My sexually active friends couldn’t stop talking about how great sex was, so I was happy to get as close to the act as possible without actually doing it. Rishav was as gentle as he could have been. It was a totally dreamy experience, and I could hardly believe that anything in the world could have felt so good! And oh God, I was SO turned on. He kissed my breasts, my midriff, and then he suddenly started moving his head lower down… “Um, what are you doing?” I asked, feeling a bit shocked. I didn’t mind his fingers having, er, explored me, but this was quite scandalous. His face was way too close to my lady bits for me to not be feeling seriously embarrassed. “I just want to taste you,” he said. And his smile was wicked!

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OHMIGOD. None of my friends had ever told me about this. But in the spirit of adventure, I nodded for him to continue. And seriously, I was just too turned on to do anything other than want more pleasure from what he was doing to me. He kissed my inner thighs, little fluttering kisses that made all of me tingle. I could feel his breath there... and I couldn’t wait for his mouth to be on me. The moment his lips touched me there, though, I started giggling uncontrollably. I don’t know if it was my nervousness or what, but it REALLY tickled!! “Stop! Stop!” I gasped in between my bursts of laughter. “Sure, love,” he said and moved away. He lay down alongside me and pulled me into his arms. “Maybe we should take things slower. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.” I hmmed in response. Now that he wasn’t doing it any longer, I wanted him to start again. I was quite surprised by this side to my personality. I buried my face in his neck and whispered, “Will you try it again?” “You greedy girl!” he said, laughing. And then moved down and started all over again. I was prepared for the ticklishness this time, and managed to keep myself from squealing. In fact, I was just dying of pleasure. His lips just felt so good on me. But what I hadn’t anticipated was what would come next - his tongue! I was so shocked (although in a happy manner) that I jerked straight up from my lying-down position. “OWWWW!” yelled Rishav. “What? What happened?” I asked him. I was quite frightened by now - he was sitting on the bed clutching his face! “You hit me with your knee - right in my eye!” Oh. Fuck. I spent the next 45 minutes apologizing to the poor boy and helping him nurse his eye with an ice pack. :-( It seemed like quite a miracle to me that Rishav did not dump me for having injured him while he was giving me the most pleasure I’d ever felt in my life. I wouldn’t have blamed him had he done so - I felt terrible about the whole thing. Especially since he developed a massive bruise and came to college for the next three days with a pretty nasty-looking black eye - and everyone teased him relentlessly about it! Our next make-out session, luckily, was a lot less dramatic. And oddly enough, being able to laugh about that ridiculous incident only brought us closer together. Now, four years later, we’re planning to get married. We still haven’t had sex - we’re saving that for our wedding night. It’s going to be a night of another first for us - so I sincerely hope that it proves less accident-prone than that night. * Names changed to protect privacy.

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