13 Messages ONLY Sisters Send Each Other!

13 Messages ONLY Sisters Send Each Other!
Your sister is the one person in the entire world you can be your absolute real self with. After having lived with her all your life, you know there is nothing you can not tell her. In fact, she is often your go-to person for life’s minor crises and major stresses. So, we’re sure these 13 texts will sound quite familiar to you!

1. “Listen! There’s a crazy sale at Forever 21. Do you want this?”  *Sends over a 100 pictures from all over the store*

Your wardrobe is her wardrobe, and there is always room for more clothes…even if that means getting yourself another room!

2. “Tell me how this looks on me?” *Sends a picture of herself wearing the dress from the trial room*

Because she knows only you can be completely honest with her - and tell her even when something isn’t looking great!

3. “I am really hungry - get me a burger on your way back home.”

And that’s more an order than a request - because you really don’t need to be formal in any way with your sister.

texts sisters send

4. “Why is the internet so slow? Did you use up all the internet?! I have work to do!”

Using up all internet is a serious crime - one that you hope you are never convicted for!

5. “Hahaha… This is so you! *Sends a picture of a girl doing something you will never actually do*

‘Coz you will always be the butt of her jokes! And that’s okay, actually.

6. “Go to my room. Open my cupboard, there’ll be a packet with a number inside. Send it to me, RIGHT NOW.”

And if you're not swift enough, death threats may follow.

texts sisters send

7. “Don’t tell mom and dad that Arjun dropped me home. Okay?”

And that’s when you take the slightest bit of advantage and convince her to lend you that cute dress!

8. “I had a really weird dream last night…”

And then the two of you go on to have a completely senseless conversation!

9. “Look what she’s wearing!”  *Sends a picture of a faraway relative neither of you are a fan of*

Because she’s the only one you can make even family jokes with.

texts sisters send

10. “Did you take my skinny jeans? I was going to wear them today. I am gonna kill you!”

And she means it.

11. “What has mom made for dinner? Do you want to order pizza?”

That’s basically a trap, because she knows you can never say no to pizza. And in your excitement, you’re the one who orders it, wastes dinner, and then hears mom’s scolding!

12. “Are you still angry that I told mom about you skipping college and going for a movie? I swear it was by accident. Sorry naa!”

Because fighting with your sister is never nice - plus you really can’t do without talking to her!

texts sisters send

13. “Listen, check all the doors before you go to sleep. And also switch off the lights. And keep the leftover food in the kitchen. Good night.”

Because whoever sends this message first gets to escape the work! :P

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