11 Texts Guys Send To Girls That REALLY Put Us Off!

11 Texts Guys Send To Girls That REALLY Put Us Off!
We know women are more for the art of communication, but when it comes to something as basic as texting - you would think guys would get it right! We’ve all been at the receiving end of one or more of these texts and know exactly how to decipher them. Let’s be honest, we’ve even had our girls over on occasion to help do so. So let’s have a look at some texts that guys send that can be so maddening!

1. The One Worders...

Things like, "k, lol and hmm" fall under this category. And while we know that we too are occasionally guilty of this sort of less than bothered text it is very, very annoying!

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2.The Dismissive Text

"Let's talk about this later" can be one of the most frustrating responses when you're really on a roll and trying to get your feelings across or having a proper discussion!

3. The “I’m Probably Not On The Same Page As You” Message

"I guess I hadn’t really thought about it" can be pretty hurtful to read when you have put yourself out on a limb and perhaps said something that took courage to say.

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4. The “Morning After” Text

"That was fun let’s, meet up soon" - let's be honest, this is definitely a step up from the "did we do stuff last night" variety of morning texts, but still has a tone of "hey buddy" attached to it.

5. The Amnesia Message  

"Lol, I was so drunk last night - did I say something stupid?" - for me this one is the absolute worst. A) Scroll up you can see exactly what you said. B) Yes, you did say somethings that were allegedly "stupid" and I stupidly replied to you! Grrr!

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6. The Wrong Number

“Hey, Shivvy, what’s up??” .... Followed by “OMG, babe, that was for my friend Shiv...” There's no coming back from this one really.


7. The Over-The-Top Guy

“Seriously, though, you looked hotter than any woman I have ever, ever met! (Range of meaningless emoticons.)" Of course one loves a bit of attention and flattery, but there's no need to go over the top and come across non-genuine - that's just a turn-off.

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8. The MIA Message

“Not much. good, thanks” seems like a harmless text, but when it comes as a response from the guy you've been in a textationship with for the last few months, it can be pretty brutal and imply that the guy is employing a bit of a ghosting strategy.

9. “Let’s Get Physical?”

“Hey, btw, do you have snapchat?” Of course, this is a harmless question. Or IS it? Let's be honest: Snapchat has a bit of a reputation, and if a guy asks you that before asking you much else, you can be sure he's not worth texting back any time soon.

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10. The Mass Messenger

“Hey babe, what’s up, was good to see you at the party - plans this weekend?” Come on, ladies, we can smell a mass message a mile away; not only are they so ambiguously worded, but they are also likely to be read out at lunch with your gals. If he sent it to more than one of you - steer clear!

11. The Serial Sexter

“So what else have you thought about doing to me?” There's nothing wrong with a little frisky fun with your fingers, but when the guy can't seem to talk about anything but sex, you know you have a serial sexter on your hands. Save yourself the hassle and your phone balance and move on!

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