The MOST Stylish Sunglasses? Team POPxo Reveals Their Favs!

The MOST Stylish Sunglasses? Team POPxo Reveals Their Favs!
Summer is almost here and we just cannot wait to go out in the sun wearing our favorite sunglasses! From the standard aviators to the fancier reflectors, we all have special preferences - and here are some of the most loved ones from the POPxo team... Read to to find out if it matches your choice too!

1. The Walking Strobe Light!

Favorite Sunglasses

Avisha Chaudhary, Social Media Coordinator

“When it comes to sunglasses, I love my Ray-Bans, be it the classic aviators or these metallic reflectors. They are super trendy and add a bit of retro twist to the outfit you are wearing! I like the whole vibe it lends to my personality.”

2. The Perfect Fit!

Favorite Sunglasses

Gopika EM, Social Media Manager

“I picked up these sweet pair of sunnies from New York when I went for summer school. Since I have a really tiny face, these Prada sunnies fit perfectly as they are just the right size and shape. I’m so glad to have splurged on these - they’ve not only lasted me long, but also got me a bunch of compliments!”

3. The Vintage Queen!

Favorite Sunglasses

Cherry Jain, Video Coordinator

“Forever 21 is almost every teenage girl’s favourite brand and these glasses from there are so amazing, especially ‘coz they're so cheap! I love the dressiness these pair of cat eyes sunnies brings to my outfit!”

4. The Phosphenes Breaker!

Favorite Sunglasses

Kritika Rathi, Fashion Writer

“These browline sunglasses from Koovs are my favorite because of the round blue reflecting lenses! They are quirky, fun and just something that makes me happy every time I wear them!”

5. The Ombre Shades!

Favorite Sunglasses

Tanaya Seth, Editorial Coordinator

“These Ray-Ban gold and blue aviators are my favourite because they just go so well with everything that I wear. From Indian ethnic wear to my Western ensembles - they work with everything!”

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6. The Classic Frames!

Favorite Sunglasses

Garima Gupta, Wedding Editor

“This pair of clubmasters reminds me of the vintage jazz, rock and roll music times, and I for one love to steal a bit of that heritage through these Ray-Ban classics!”

7. The Good Looking Pair!

Favorite Sunglasses

Anushree Sharma, Product Manager

“I am a big fan of sunglasses, but I am quite also quite a scatterbrain so I keep losing them. I bought these ones randomly in Prague in the summer! They are super cute and do quite a good job of protecting my eyes from the sun!”

8. The Round Shiny Ones!

Favorite Sunglasses

Palki Malhotra, Influencer Network & Ops Manager

“I have to say that of all the sunglasses that I own, these Lennon-inspired round Ray-Bans are my dearest companion for all my beach holidays! It not only helps in the sun but also adds drama to my outfits!”

9. The Gold Frames For The Gleaming Soul!

Favorite Sunglasses

Arushi Malaker, Video Coordinator

“These snazzy aviators are my most beloved pair of sunglasses, even though I have so many funkier ones! I absolutely love this go-to pair because of how classic yet cool they look!”

10. The Sassy One!

Favorite Sunglasses

Sharon Alphonso, Lifestyle Writer

“It’s been a year now since I’ve owned these cute mint cateye sunglasses from Forever 21. One of the best buys I’ve made till date! The colour is fun, chic and vibrant. This pair is my favorite because it highlights my facial features, and I feel confident instantly when I put these shades on!”

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