8 Sneaky Styling Tricks To Hide A Not-So-Flat Tummy!

8 Sneaky Styling Tricks To Hide A Not-So-Flat Tummy!
This is a common problem among us ladies regardless of what body shape or type we have - belly fat. There have been countless days when we’ve sucked our tummy in front of the mirror and wished it stayed that way. Wearing a tummy tucker does work sometimes, especially when you are wearing a tight, fitted dress but wearing it all the time is not healthy or reasonable. But with these clever styling tips, you can now hide that tummy and look fab always!

1. Don’t wear tight tops or bodycon dresses

Stay far away from very tightly fitted clothes if you don’t want to go through the day pulling your tummy in time and again. Clothes that are too tight will only highlight and accentuate the not-so-toned areas of your body - tummy being the most prominent one. What you want is to highlight your strengths and draw focus away from your problem areas. Opt for A-line dresses which make that tummy vanish in no time.

2. Say yes to drapes

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Try to go for tops and dresses that drape beautifully over the top half of your body. Clothes with frills and fringes layered particularly over the tummy area work perfectly towards creating a slimmer silhouette. Since the frills and the ruffles are flowy and do not stick to your body, there is no telling what they’re hiding underneath. :P

3. Wear leggings with drapes/ wide tops

Since wearing flowy wide tops is recommended if you want to hide your tummy, then leggings are your best friend. They balance out the boxy element that a wide top can sometimes have. Always make sure you choose opaque black leggings that fit you perfectly. Since most leggings come in a mid-rise fit, they do  a good job of tucking in that tummy as well.

4. Create vertical lines

hide your tummy

What you want do is create a silhouette that looks leans and not bulky. Long-line cardigans and long open jackets that you can throw on top of your outfit work best! These loose-fit cardigans drop down from your shoulders and create vertical lines that give an illusion of a slimmer, taller figure. The drop-down nature of these cardigans also make your frame look narrower.

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5. Stay away from chunky belts

Chunky belts will draw unwanted attention to your waist and highlight your belly. Try to not use wide belts and opt for thin belts if need be. Make sure not to use belts in a contrasting colour that separates your body and pulls focus around your waist or thighs. Whenever you are wearing a thin belt, do try to match it with the colour of your pants.

6. Choose dresses that don’t cling

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Clingy material like jersey or lycra is a big NO as you don’t want the wrong things highlighted. Instead opt for thicker fabrics that are combined with a little lycra for elasticity. Although materials like jersey are extremely soft and feel nice on your body, their tendency to cling to your frame can make you look heavier.

7. Don’t tuck in your tops

Tucking your top into your pants draws attention to your waist the same way belts do. If you have a heavier tummy, the best thing to do would be to wear tops with the right length and fit. Tops which end on your hips will be perfect and the safest choice.

8. Choose mid-rise trousers

hide your tummy

A top is not the only element of your outfit that you need to take care of when you hide your tummy. A low-waist pant won’t work well if you have a belly. Mid-rise or high-rise jeans and trousers are the best pick for you. These kind of trousers will hold your tummy in the same way a tummy tucker would. Low-waisted pants give a push-up effect to your belly creating love handles and accentuating flab.

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