14 Utterly Ridiculous Things You Can ONLY Say To Your Bestie!

14 Utterly Ridiculous Things You Can ONLY Say To Your Bestie!
We all say some very ridiculous things sometimes… But the most ridiculous ones are usually said to only our besties. After all, they already know how absurd we can get and it really doesn't surprise them any more! Here are some such things that you can only say to your BFF!

1. "You think if we murdered him, we could get away with it?"

Sisters over misters! No, really, if your besties and you haven't ever planned some jerk’s murder, then you have so much more to experience in life.

2. "Wow, your boobs look nice!"

Nothing is inappropriate. Talking about her boobs, talking about yours, comparing them, criticizing them. It all goes!

3. "Help me, I don't know how to reply to this!"

Even if it's just a "Hi!" from your crush, you'll only ever let your BFF know that you're completely dumbfounded as to how to reply to it.

things you say to your BFF

4. "I'm so horny!"

Not matter how bad your current dry spell is, no one but your bestie can really know how bad you really need some action. Seriously, no one!

5. "That dress of yours would look better on me, don't you think so?"

Honesty is the best policy, isn't it? Sadly enough, we're only ever completely honest with our besties! And if you really think about it, you're doing her a favor. :P

6. "Talk to me, I need to look busy!"

Those nervous moments when you really don't know what to do, you can easily call your bestie and make her talk to you without providing too many explanations.

things you say to your BFF

7. "Let's go home, I need to shit. No, really!!"

Um, yes, you poop. And yes, it's completely natural. But you would only really admit to this fact in front of your bestie.

8. "I just posted something, go like it."

Your insane social media demands are met by her, mostly without asking. But when you do need to remind her, you're completely unashamed and she's totally not surprised.

9. "And comment on it too! With heart emojis!"

Even when we go slightly overboard. In that case, the online heart emoji will be accompanied by a major eye-roll in real life. But she knows you would do the same for her!

things you say to your BFF

10. "Give me your Facebook, I need to stalk him..."

When you delete your ex from your Facebook in a huff but then have the insane need to know what he's up to? That's when your bestie saves the day!

11. "Did you just fart?"

Again, it's totally natural, guys! But only with your bestie do you not feel the need to disguise the noise with a fake loud cough.

12. "I wish I was a cat."

Those totally random thoughts that seriously won't make any sense if you told anyone but your best friend… You know exactly which ones we're talking about!

things you say to your BFF

13. "Listen, pamper me. I want to be pampered."

Your bestie is the only one you can be this demanding with when you're feeling low! And with good reason, because you do the same for her!

14. "I'm gonna dance on this song at your wedding."

Her imaginary wedding with her imaginary future husband. But at least you know what you'll wear, what you'll sing and what you'll do for the bachelorette!

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