8 Simple Styling Rules For EVERY 20-Something Girl!

8 Simple Styling Rules For EVERY 20-Something Girl!
The twenties is a period of transition. From relationships to friends to every nitty gritty of life, everything seems to change in our twenties. And a major part of that change is our wardrobe. When we finally hit twenty and step into adulthood, our days of simply putting on our shorts and tees will be gone. When you jump on the twenties bandwagon and explore life and find your individuality, remember these commandments to find your personal style. Here are 8 styling rules every woman in her twenties should follow.

1. Build up your basics

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You may have found basic tees and jackets boring when you were a teenager, but you will realize the importance of these classic pieces as you grow older. A plain t-shirt or a solid denim jacket can last a whole decade and will be your ultimate wardrobe go-tos.

2. Invest in statement pieces

Since your body will not be changing drastically for the rest of your life now, it is a good time to start investing in classic statement pieces that can stay with you for a very long time. An iconic moto leather jacket or classic knee-high boots - you won’t regret it.

3. Stock up on professional pieces

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Your twenties will be the time when you will be kickstarting your career. You will be sitting for a lot of interviews and meeting a lot of new people professionally. Therefore, it’s time you start stocking up on formal pants and shirts...it will help you save that last minute panic when you get that interview call.

4. A few night-out dresses

Your first job or a long day at the university can be a little taxing so you need a few night-outs with your friends. It’s always a good idea to invest in a stunning party dress when you need to have fun and blow off some steam.

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5. Experiment away

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Since you are all “grown up” by the time you hit twenty, there will be no one to dictate how you should or should not dress. It is the best time to experiment with the outfits you like. By the time your twenties are over, you will be living a different, a more defined life altogether, so you might as well have fun dressing up and experimenting while you’re still in your twenties.

6. Throw away pieces you’ll never wear again

Make room in your closet by sorting out things that you will never wear. You don’t want your cupboard to be stuffed and end up spoiling your nice dresses and formal wear. Bid your childhood and teenage clothing items goodbye if you know you won’t be wearing them again. It’s a new era, might as well have a brand new wardrobe!

7. Dress for yourself and define your personal style

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This is also the time when you need to dress for no one else but yourself. This decade is all about finding yourself, finding the correct path for you that sets a foundation for the rest of your life. You need to present yourself to the world in a way that defines who you are.

8. Master the art of accessorizing

You have the freedom to use accessories to your advantage. Learn how to accessorize the right way, for those pieces can really influence how your ensemble turn out. A statement neckpiece can easily elevate a basic top and pants look. Have fun!

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