15 Signs Your Bestie Has Actually Become Your Sister!

15 Signs Your Bestie Has Actually Become Your Sister!
There is a time in every bestie relationship when she ceases to be your bestie and becomes much more than that! Here are a few signs you and your bestie have reached sister status!

1. You’re way more excited for her birthday than you are for your own!

Because hey, you get to plan everything down to the very last detail!

2. Seeing her walk around sans clothes is really no big deal…

Not to be creepy, but you’ve almost seen her bare body as much as you’ve seen your own! #NoBoundaries

bestie is like your sister

3. People are always surprised when they see you at a party without her…

“Where is X?! How come she isn’t here with you?”

4. And they’re not entirely crazy for asking that…

Because your social lives (and lives in general) are SO intertwined!

bestie is like your sister

5. You have no shame in stealing each other’s clothes…

And then informing the other via a picture on social media. “Thanks for this dress! It looks great on me!” ;)

6. You’re the only ones who can touch each other’s faces to fix hair/ makeup if something looks off.

No one else is even allowed tell you when something is looking weird. It’s just not okay.

bestie is like your sister

7. Only you can get each other’s sense of humor…

“Hahahaha. Why are you laughing?!” “I don’t know. Because you’re laughing!”

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8. You have a language of your own…

Which you are not even afraid to shamelessly use in public. You always have things to say to each other that you can’t let anyone else hear!

bestie is like your sister

9. Your respective parents are always surprised when you’re not there for each other’s family celebrations!

It’s just assumed she would be there. She IS family after all!

10. You cannot go too long without seeing each other…

It just doesn’t feel right. Your life feels incomplete.

bestie is like your sister

11. She is literally in every one (or at least every other one) of your pictures!

You look awesome together. *Teehee*

12. Even your respective boys know that they are a close second to your bestie!

You love him, but she will always be your Number 1!

bestie is like your sister

13. You can each tell what the other is thinking with simple eye contact!

No words required. Her eyes and body language tell you enough!

14. You absolutely hate it when she is sad or upset…

Because that upsets you too… And you’re ready to punch anyone who upset her in the first place!

bestie is like your sister

15. You feel weird introducing her to people as your friend…

Because she’s SO much more. She’s your sister!

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