becoming a bridezilla

12 Signs You Are Turning Into A Bridezilla!

Smriti Notani

Guest Contributor

Congratulations bride-to-be! We hope you’re having the time of your life in this new phase. But let’s be real – any bride-to-be knows that wedding planning is hardly a bed of roses. There are a thousand things to plan, buy, figure out, stress over; way too many people to deal with, and too few hours in a day. Unfortunately, that’s how we normally sane girls suddenly start becoming a bridezilla! Read on, you might totally relate to this.

1. You can’t stop stressing about the little details.

Oh god, someone better remember to call the florist? Did my make-up artist understand where the venue is? I hope my mehendi comes out super dark!

becoming a bridezilla1

2. It is annoying you to no end that your friends can’t coordinate a few dances!

They *better* not mess this up.

3. You and the fiancé are disagreeing more than ever before.

Why isn’t he getting it? The baraat entry has to be timed perfectly!

becoming a bridezilla3

4. You are SO done with your parents and their thousand social obligations.

Dear Mom and Dad, I seriously don’t give a f**k about your 10,000 relatives; so can you please leave me out of it?

5. The thought of shopping does NOT make you happy.

Never, ever, ever thought this day would come!

becoming a bridezilla5

6. Your skin is causing you great distress.

Really pimples? Right now? REALLY?

7. Your relationship with food has never been more complicated.

I want to stay trim for the wedding but-will-you-just-look-at-that-chocolate-donut!

becoming a bridezilla7

8. People are constantly getting on your nerves.

No, I don’t want your opinion on my trousseau long-lost chachi from god-knows-where!

9. Several times a day you find yourself saying this sentence:


becoming a bridezilla9

10. You don’t understand why people can’t be on the same page as you.

Guys, I had ordered for taupe colour. This is clearly grey. AND NO, THEY’RE NOT THE SAME!

11. Sometimes you’re smiling on the outside but in your head it’s a whole different story.

Yup, you’ve killed them about three times.

becoming a bridezilla11

12. You find yourself day-dreaming about the honeymoon already.

Yup, you fast forward to the wedding in your daydreams. Dear beach, water, cool sand, and handsome I come!

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Published on Feb 04, 2016
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