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Dear Boyfriend, THIS Is Why We’re Perfect Together!

Dear Boyfriend, THIS Is Why We’re Perfect Together!
Dear Boyfriend, Believe me when I say this - having you by my side each day of my life makes me so so happy! I’m my happiest self when I’m with you, and I know from the bottom of my heart that you are the only one for me. In short, I think we’re made for each other! Here’s me penning down a short list as to why I think we make a perfect couple. I know you know it’s true! ;)
Love, Your Girlfriend.

1. We Trust Each Other

Trust is the foundation of every relationship. I’m glad our bond is solid. I never feel the need to hide anything from you, and I know you don’t hide anything from me either. I could trust you with my life! Secrets and mind games have ceased to exist in our relationship. That’s the beauty of our love. sings you are a perfect couple 1

2. We’re In It For The Good Times And The Bad

We’ve had our share of fights, just like every other couple - and there have been times when our relationship was on the verge of falling apart. We could have given up on each other, but neither of us did. That’s what makes us special together! We are with each other and love each other not only through the good times but also the bad.

3. We Aren’t Afraid To Speak Our Minds

We are two different people with minds and opinions of our own. But we aren’t afraid to speak our minds and voice our opinions to each other. We both respect each other’s individuality - and know how to take our debates and discussions in a good and healthy way instead of turning it into a fight every time! signs you are a perfect couple 3

4. We Constantly Motivate Each Other

Our relationship is not a competition. Neither of us wants to be better than the other. On the contrary, we want to bring out the best in each other - and help the other hone their talents! This is precisely why we’re awesome. I believe in you, and you believe in me.
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5. We Don’t Hold On To Past Grudges

Uncomfortable fights or situations from the past don’t haunt us - because we’ve learnt how to let go. We don’t point fingers and bring up instances from the past if we ever fight today. Holding grudges is just not our style! You’re my present (and hopefully future!), and I want nothing to come between us.   signs you are a perfect couple 5

6. We Give Each Other Space

While spending time together is great, giving each other space is important too. We know how to balance things out in that respect. You give me my space and let me do the things I want and enjoy, and I am more than happy to do the same for you. We don’t stop each other from doing the things that make us happy.

7. We Have Mutual Goals

Whether or not we say it to each other - both of us have common goals and see a future for this relationship. We know we’re meant to be! And we take steps and make decisions keeping each other in mind. signs you are a perfect couple 7

8. Other People Believe In “Us” Too!

When our families and friends see us together, even they can see that this is something special. Some of them even admire us as a couple! It makes me feel immensely proud to know that our relationship makes them happy too. We as a couple, spread positivity and happiness wherever we go. We make an amazing team, don’t we?! GIFs: Tumblr HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: Dear Boyfriend, Please Remember This When You’re Mad At Me?! MUST-READ: Dear Boyfriend, 8 Cute Things I Want To Do In Bed With You!