7 Signs You’ve Become Really Committed To Him!

7 Signs You’ve Become Really Committed To Him!
If your heart beats for only him, you’re definitely serious about your relationship. He’s irreplaceable and cannot be compared to any other guy in this world! You not only love your boyfriend to the core, but you’re also extremely loyal to him. Here are 7 signs you have become a seriously committed girlfriend! (Give yourself a pat on the back now!)

1. Everyone In Your Life Knows That The Two Of You Are Together

From your parents to your distant cousins, everyone knows that you are dating him! Your relationship is no secret to the world. The best part is that his folks love seeing the two of you together as well. Having a bond without having to hide it from anyone is the best and most liberating feeling ever!

committed girlfriend

2. He’s The First Person You Call When Something Amazing Happens To You

Face it, whenever something good happens to you, he’s the first person you call up and give all the deets to! He’s one of those people who will always be happy for your success. He’s like your cheerleader and you love that about him!

3. If He’s In Trouble, You WILL Be There For Him

No matter how big or small the problem is, if he’s stuck in a tough situation, you will leave everything and be there for him. His problem is your problem. Until you don’t find a solution to his problem, you will not rest. If that’s not love then we don’t know what is!

committed girlfriend

4. You Can’t Stop Texting Him!

You know it’s love when your day starts by sending him a “good morning” message and ends with a “goodnight” message. It’s like even though the two of you have been dating for a while now, it still feels like you’re texting him for the first time.

5. He’s The Only Guy Who Can Make Your Cheeks Turn Pink

When he holds your hand, you get butterflies in your tummy! It’s amazing how just one person can have such a powerful impact on your life. Love is a beautiful thing, and the two of you are a perfect example of it.

committed girlfriend

6. You Trust Him The Most In The World

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. If you have it in yours, consider yourself blessed. You’re the kind of girl who doesn’t pay attention to false rumours. The trust that you share with him is something most couples dream of having in their relationship. Take it from us, you are one lucky girl!

7. Sure, You May Find Other Men Hot, But No One Comes Close To Him

There are tons of hot men out there, but the one who is most appealing in your eyes is your boyfriend. He has the power to turn you on with just one glance. You don’t need to look anywhere else because you’ve already found your bundle of happiness. Cheers to that, girlfriend!

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