12 Signs You’re Having A Big, Fat, Desi Wedding!

12 Signs You’re Having A Big, Fat, Desi Wedding!
This is India we are talking about here. No matter how small and intimate you plan your wedding, there will be some *ahem* changes. Indian parents, we tell ya! Instead of getting hassled, we suggest you go with the flow and enjoy your OTT wedding. Here are some definite signs you are having that big, fat, desi wedding after all!

1. Each of your wedding functions has its own little pre-function.

Though we all know how ‘little’ they’ll end up being.

ott wedding 1

2. You have a celebrity performing at your wedding.

Your family just hasn’t zeroed in on which one yet!

3. The menu for your wedding functions is so vast it’s impossible to do a tasting and try it all.

Unless you keep eating right up to the wedding and that’s something you definitely don’t want to do!

ott wedding 3

4. You’ve completely lost track of the number of outfits you need for all these functions.

So now you’re just shopping...you know...generally!

5. You have too many enthu cousins and friends who want to perform at your sangeet.

Basically, it’s a full blown musical.

ott wedding 5

6. Through all the wedding planning discussions no one seems to factor in things like ‘rest’ and ‘sleep’.

You know, just small technicalities needed for the bride’s survival.


7. The guest list is thrice the figure you and your family had initially decided upon.

Okay, then!

ott wedding 7

8. It’s impossible to keep up with all the arrangements.

Guess there will just have to be some surprises for the bride herself!

9. You were keeping track of expenses up to a point.

But you’re family is all like, “Budgets? What’s that?”

ott wedding 9

10. There’s going to be a team of standard photographers, candid photographers, videographers and candid videographers.

Oh, and drone cameras will be involved!

11. There is an event team in place and they’ve even come up with a digital strategy.

Yup, you and your fiancé already have a hashtag!

ott wedding 11

12. You know that even though you may crib right now...

It’s going to be the most special time of your life – a wedding to remember!

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