10 Signs You And Your Bestie Are In It For The Long Run!

10 Signs You And Your Bestie Are In It For The Long Run!
Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City famously said “Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with”. Here are all the signs your bestie is indeed your soulmate and you two are together for the long haul. *Knock on wood*

1. You two always talk about growing old and still being friends.

Crazy Grandmas Club all the friggin’ way!

bestie forever

2. You care for each other like sisters.

You’re convinced that the two of you were actually sisters in another life.

3. You two have mad fights but that doesn’t stop you from getting back together.

Hey, families fight! Okay?

bestie forever

4. This not talking business doesn’t work very well for the two of you.

Because, bro, the updates are piling up.

5. The plan is to make money and travel the world together.

Watch out, social media, because here come some serious #VacationGoals

bestie forever

6.  You two even have the same crushes and obsess about them together.

Looking at you, Fawad Khan.

7.  The boys in your life know you two are going to put each other first.

Well, that’s what you call impeccable “training”! ;)

bestie forever

8. You keep discussing each other’s future weddings - even if both of you are single AF!

Well, obviously, being Maid Of Honour is not to be taken lightly.

9. The ugliest selfies and the most scandalous screenshots are always reserved for one another.

This relationship is built on a solid foundation of trust...and dislike for the same people!

bestie forever

10. You two have secrets that ya’ll are going to take to your graves.

But bitch better not die before you, because you’d never manage life without her.

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