10 Signs He Probably Loves You More Than You Think!

10 Signs He Probably Loves You More Than You Think!
Some things in life have more meaning than just flowers and chocolates - it’s those little things he does for you that seem so by-the-way but are definitely not. If any of these signs are true in your case…know that you have a gem and he is definitely a keeper!

1. He’ll make any excuse to be alone with you

Even if he has prior commitments, he’ll always find a way to spend time with you. He might not want to go out sometimes when you want to, and may come up with a totally random excuse - but don’t think he is being lazy. He just wants to spend some quality time together!

he loves you

2. His eyes keep looking for you

Whether in a crowd or at home, his eyes keep looking for you. And he rests them on you a bit longer sometimes, just because he can’t take his eyes off you! It’s beautiful.

3. He makes an effort to go on dates with you

Whether it’s for a movie or a concert, he keeps finding ways to take you out often - just to rekindle your romance!

he loves you

4. You are a part of all his future plans

Financially and socially. From a far off cousin’s wedding later this year to discussing investments, he sees a future with you, long term.

5. Your people are important to him

Whether it’s your family or an old friend, the people who matter to you are important to him as well. He treats them with the same respect as you do.

he loves you

6. He remembers important dates

This one is really difficult for men! So if he does make the effort to remember every important date, he really does like you! Even if he has saved the dates on his phone calendar…give him credit for it.

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7. He flirts with you

Even if it’s the fun or cheesy kind…remember that he is doing it to keep the spark alive. Flirt right back, you!

he loves you

8. He tells you EVERYTHING

Guys can be secretive, sometimes, even without really meaning to be. So if your man shares things about his day or mentions the random conversation he had with an old college friend - he is letting you into his life. Appreciate it.

9. He talks about you openly to his friends

Because you are that special someone who is always on his mind!

he loves you

10. He makes a special effort to groom himself for you!

Men can be sometimes too lazy to actually groom themselves. But if your man takes out the time to shave and look all groomed just for you, then he is truly, madly, deeply in love with you!

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