7 Sex Mistakes EVERY Girl Has Made - So Relax!

7 Sex Mistakes EVERY Girl Has Made - So Relax!
When it comes to sex, many of us get a bit nervous. We keep worrying so much about doing something wrong that we forget to enjoy ourselves at all! Here are some mistakes that every girl has made at one point or the other… So don't worry if you end up making some of them too!

1. Being Too Shy

Wanting to cover our bodies, not being able to maintain eye contact… It's alright if you're a shy person by nature, but when you're getting intimate with someone, it's okay to shed a little bit of the shyness. It's all about how comfortable you feel, though, so never feel rushed into being too bold.

2. Not Giving As Much As Getting

Sex is something that can totally make you forget what you were thinking, and occasionally, that might leave your man feeling a bit unattended to. It’s a two way street - you’ve got to give as much as you get! It’s only fair. ;)

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3. Waiting For Him To Make The First Move

Many girls aren't comfortable with initiating sex. There's absolutely no problem with that - no matter what anyone tells you. But initiating it at times will make you feel more confident about it - and help both you and your partner open up a bit more to each other, as well as get more comfortable in the bedroom. So why not try it?!


4. Not Talking About It With Your Partner - Ever!

Talking about sex isn't something most girls are comfortable with, even if they're already having it. It was somewhat of a taboo topic for many of us while we were growing up, and that can be the reason for some of the hesitation when it comes to talking about it openly. But you ought to know what works for you and your partner in the bedroom and what doesn’t. And you can only know if you discuss it at least sometimes. Take your time, though - open up about it when you feel like. No pressure!

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5. Caring Too Much About Looks

Come on, ladies, this one's a no brainer. We do care too much about the way our bodies look -  even when we know that guys usually don't even pay that much attention to the little things! He isn’t going to notice you’re a week late for your waxing appointment - so chill!

6. Getting A Bit TOO Experimental!

No one knows it all - true. But, occasionally, it's alright to believe that you're good at what you're doing especially if your partner is responding well to it. Don't get super-ambitious though… We all know that too much of a good thing can be bad too. If you know what we mean!

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7. Trying Too Hard

Yes, he might have some expectations from you - but just because he does, it doesn't mean that you have to fulfill every desire of his. You’re only human, and it's totally fine to go with the flow and do what you feel like instead of doing what you think he wants from you. You can have your own expectations and way of doing things - and you never know, he might actually prefer that!

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