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8 Regrets You Definitely Don't Want To Have In Life!

8 Regrets You Definitely Don't Want To Have In Life!
We all wish we could live a life without absolutely any regrets. Wouldn’t that be amazing? But if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. The best we can do in life though is try not to do things we will inevitably regret later.

1. Not chasing your dreams

Will Smith said in the movie The Pursuit Of Happyness, “You got a dream... You gotta protect it. People can't do something themselves, they wanna tell you you can't do it. If you want somethin', go get it. Period.” This quote really resonates with me because it’s about chasing your dreams and working your ass off to achieve them. If you don’t work hard to make your dream come true, you will definitely regret it.

regrets not to have in life

2. Wasting time on the wrong people

Yes, sometimes we all do this. Relationships can be complicated, but that doesn’t mean you make negativity and mind games a part of your life. If you make someone unworthy the centre of your universe, you’ll be sure to regret it later.

3. Not working on yourself

The human mind is a constant project, and the most important one at that. We need to feed our soul with travel, we need to nourish our body with food and we need to excite our minds with knowledge and adventure. Without this, life will be dull and listless.

regrets not to have in life

4. Not loving your family

I’m no Karan Johar, but I believe he’s right – it’s all about loving our parents. Seriously, get to know them. Spend time with them. You’ll be surprised at how awesome and cool they can be. You never, ever want to regret not caring for your parents enough.


5. Not enjoying your youth

As much as it’s important to be serious about our goals, it’s also important to have fun! Our youth is the best, most carefree time of our lives. It’s a gift and we ought to use it well.

regrets not to have in life

6. Not trying new things

Seriously, though, don’t be a prude. Say yes to adventure and experiences. Date a guy who you’re attracted to even though he’s not your “type”. Go scuba diving even though you’re scared. Accompany your friend to a jazz concert even though that might not be your thing! You never know what you end up liking.

7. Rushing big decisions

Life will bring you at a crossroads more than once. That doesn’t mean you take what is possibly the easiest route. Weigh your options. Take the opinion of people who matter to you. Learn to think objectively. You can’t decide to move cities or countries on a whim. Don’t quit your job because someone at work said something nasty. And please don’t get married because you’re bored!

regrets not to have in life

8. Not taking enough chances

Because, in the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

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