7 Reasons To Thank Your Boy Bestie!

7 Reasons To Thank Your Boy Bestie!
Having your guy bestie by your side feels great, doesn’t it? After all, he’s someone who you can truly be yourself with - and count on. You feel happy and secure when you’re in his company. So, if you have a guy bestie, you should be thanking him for these 7 things (and don’t forget to follow it up with a BIG hug!) ;)

1. He has helped you with all your boy-related problems

From helping you understand a relationship from a guy’s perspective, to helping you patch things up with your boyfriend, this guy has been with you all the way - and never lost his patience! He knows more about your love life than anyone else in the world - and his relationship advice and tips are literally the BEST (and you know that for a fact!). ;)

guy bestie 1

2. He’s your drinking buddy

When life hits rock bottom and you need someone to grab a drink on the rocks with - he’s right there! You also know that he’ll leave whatever he’s doing to be there for you - to patiently listen to all your problems, motivate you, and cheer you up!

3. Honesty is his best policy

If he has the guts to tell you that the outfit you’re wearing doesn’t look that great on you and suggests an alternative, you know have a friend in him! He cares about you and that’s why he’s brutally honest with you. He wants to see you be your best self, always!

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4. He’s your wingman!

You must remember the countless times your guy bestie has helped set you up with a guy you found cute! All you had to do was stand there and let him do the talking for you - and find out as much as he could about the guy of course. You also know that he would almost be willing to torture any guy that hurt you!

5. He is one guy that you know will never ever judge you!

Whether it’s giving makeup a miss, meeting him wearing your old pajamas, sending those double-chinned selfies or stuffing your face with food - you can basically do what you like without ever worrying about what he’ll think when you’re with him. He lets you be you - and never ever judges you for it!

guy bestie 5

6. He almost never says “no” ...

He goes out of his way to do things for you. His first response when you ask him to do something is never “no”. He at least tries hard enough before finally giving up! Your happiness is important to him. :)

7. You can trust him completely

Even when you’re in your most vulnerable state, he’s the kind of guy who will never take advantage of you. Not only will he ensure you’re safe at all times, he’ll even behave like a protective older brother. Your parents trust him too, and that’s the best part of all!

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