8 Questions Every Girl *Secretly* Wants To Ask Her Boyfriend!!

8 Questions Every Girl *Secretly* Wants To Ask Her Boyfriend!!
There are so many things in a girls head that she wants to say or ask but hesitates to. Here are some questions every girl would secretly like to ask her boyfriend… But doesn't!

1. "But do you really love me?"

No matter how many times you say, we thrive on repetition when it come to saying those three words.

2. "And how much do you love me?"

A quantitative measurement of exactly how much love will be very much appreciated.

questions girls want to ask

3. "How serious was your previous relationship?"

No matter how much we’ve already stalked his ex on Facebook, this question can only be answered by him.

4. "Have you even imagined getting married to an ex?"

We want to know if the answer is no, but maybe not if the answer is yes. Which is why we control ourselves.

5. "What'll you do if your parents hate me?"

It'll be nice to know that his parents disapproval won't change a thing, but just in case that's not the answer, we're not sure where that's going to leave us.

questions girls want to ask

6. "What does your best friend honestly think about me?"

Especially if she’s a girl! His best friend will always be nice to you, but exactly how genuine is that niceness? Are they doing it just out of loyalty for their best friend or do they seriously like you as a person?

7. "Do you think you've dated anyone prettier than me?"

We know it sounds vain, but it's a totally valid question if your boyfriend has had many ex-girlfriends. (Even two counts as many, just FYI.)

8. "Do you fantasize about other girls?"

Yes, yes, we get that it's natural, and we check out other guys occasionally too, but as much we want to ask the question, we probably don't want a straight answer to it. :P

questions girls want to ask

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