10 Promises Every Girl Should Be Able To Make To Her Guy!

10 Promises Every Girl Should Be Able To Make To Her Guy!
Through good times and bad, there are some promises you should be able to make to your boyfriend, without even having to think twice! Here are a few of those...

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1. I promise to never, ever try to change who you are as a person…

I want to know and love you for who you are… Not who I want you to be.

promises to your boyfriend

2. I promise to be myself!

Because I want you to love me for who I am… Always!

3. I promise to stand by you when the going gets tough…

Because I know that if we have each other, we can overcome any obstacle in life!

promises to your boyfriend

4. I promise to actually listen to you when you speak…

With the intention of understanding what you’re really trying to tell me… Instead of merely hearing you and failing to understand.

5. I promise to order my own portion of food… And not (always) steal yours! :P

I might still do it sometimes, but only because yours tastes better!

promises to your boyfriend

6. I promise to encourage you to live your dreams…

And when you feel like giving up, I will be right there to give you that extra push!

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7. I promise not to accuse you at the end of every fight! Or threaten to walk away…

Because you and I both know that our relationship is stronger than that.

promises to your boyfriend

8. I promise not to hold you back from something you really love doing…

Even if it might make me slightly uncomfortable at first!

9. I promise not to say “I told you so” if you fail after not having taken my advice…

Because I know you would have tried your very best anyway.

promises to your boyfriend

10. I promise to love you even when you feel like you’re at your worst

Because to me you will always be special. No matter what!

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