Surprising Perks Of Being In A Serious Relationship In Your 20s

Surprising Perks Of Being In A Serious Relationship In Your 20s
Twenties are all about taking a few risks, (sometimes) failing and then trying all over again! There is nothing quite so steady about the life of a twenty-something - but if you find yourself in a steady relationship in your twenties, you’re in for a pleasant surprise! Here are 8 perks of being in a committed and steady relationship in your 20s...

1. You have someone (other than your family and yourself!) who believes in you wholeheartedly!

Twenties is a period in which one makes many life changing decisions! And on days when you tend to doubt those decisions and hold yourself back due to fear of failure, it’s great to have your personal one-man cheerleading team!

perks of being committed

2. You’re changing everyday - and there is someone who is going through all these little changes with you.

You’re constantly learning, growing and changing in your twenties - and it’s amazing to have someone watch you go through these changes and love and accept you for the person you are, and will become!

3. You know you’re not going to have to deal with a broken heart!

Even if you frequently fight with your boyfriend, making up with him is always fun!

perks of being committed

4. You learn how to balance both your career and love life pretty early on

You’re both just in the beginning of your careers and the pressure is high! Both of you get this, and you understand each other’s work routines and stresses better than anyone else.


5. You also learn how to balance your friendships and your relationship...

Even though you’re in a committed relationship, you enjoy spending time with your friends just like your guy does with his friends. Plus, chances are, your boyfriend and your friends get along too! In fact his friends and your friends probably get along too! Oh the joy of being young and still-so-accommodating! :P

perks of being committed

6. You have someone to discuss all your “young adult” problems with!

Growing up is not easy. There are so many new things that you discover everyday - and you may not necessarily want to share all of this with your friends. Your boyfriend is your go-to resource - you can discuss just about anything and everything with him!

7. Neither of you are in a rush to “settle down”

There is no rush to move things quickly. You want to explore the world and your relationship before even thinking of tying the knot or any such thing! You’re happy living in the moment.

perks of being committed

8. Even though you’re an independent adult, it’s nice to have someone pamper you!

Being committed and in love is a great feeling - and the little things that your partner does for you just makes the world an even better to place live in!

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