The Real Reason Parineeti Is Our Biggest Girl Crush!

The Real Reason Parineeti Is Our Biggest Girl Crush!
She’s been winning hearts ever since she made her debut in Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl as the scorched-in-love woman and currently, she’s on almost every magazine cover and online news portal. Yes, Parineeti Chopra has arrived and she’s here to stay! Here are 6 reasons she’s on top of your news feed at the moment.

1. She Went From Being Called Fat To Legit Gorgeousness

Yes, Parineeti silenced the haters and critics alike after she worked hard to achieve an enviable body. Not only has the gorgeous actress admitted to increasing her stamina, flexibility and energy, she has also found the confidence to wear sleeveless clothes and body-hugging dresses. Now that’s not just a fitness transformation, that’s a major style transformation. Kudos, Parineeti!

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2. She Is A Favourite With Critics and Award Shows Alike

Parineeti has been recognised for her acting talent throughout her career. From winning the best debutant at the 57th Filmfare Awards to being nominated for best actress thrice in 2015, Parineeti has constantly been winning hearts with her real and very relatable performances on screen.

3. She Gives It Back To Her Haters

Parineeti does not shy away from confronting her haters. So when people come up to her about her weight, her fashion sense and anything else that invades her private space, here’s how she gives it back to them (on Twitter): “Deepika speaks against a demeaning article. Kangana rejects any fake awards. Anushka sportingly writes about her lips. Sonakshi shows a finger to the fashion police. I showed an ignorant (sex and periods) journalist his place. So proud and glad that actress are not afraid to stand up to hypocrite journalists who demean them. They speak their heart and demand their respect!! GO GIRLS!!!However, not all journalists are so. Just those who only care for masala headlines. RESPECT those who believe in responsible journalism.(sic)”

4. She Talks About Her Periods And Womanhood With Confidence

Parineeti doesn’t mince words when it comes to accepting womanhood wholeheartedly. One of the few women to talk about her periods openly and how she deals with it like every other woman, Parineeti has pioneered the art of staying confident even during those 5 days of the month. In fact, she has been an essential part of sanitary napkin brand - Whisper’s - journey through the years. She has also been an avid supporter of the ‘Touch The Pickle’ campaign.

Our fav actor had everyone sit up and listen when at a recent press conference for Whisper, she spoke about going to shoots and film sets on the days she’s chumming. “I just forget about it. We’re in a day and age where we just need to go out there and not let anyone make us conscious about our periods. Plus, with a revolutionary product like Whisper, every worry becomes baseless. Be an active girl and don’t let anything hold you back; that’s how you own those 5 days,” said Parineeti.

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5. She Has Not Let Piggy Chops Overshadow Her

Even though Parineeti is the younger cousin of superstar Priyanka Chopra, she hasn’t failed to create a space for herself in the industry. And we all know how hard it is to live under the shadow of someone successful. However, Parineeti has, with hard work and determination carved her own niche as a brilliant actor and a down-to-earth human being.

6. She Has A Great Sense Of Humour

On a recent episode of a comedy show, Parineeti Chopra displayed her wit by cracking jokes on the host of the show. The pretty actor also took jokes made on her very graciously. In fact, the show host, Kapil Sharma, later went on to say, “ Parineeti can take jokes on herself and has an intelligent sense of humour”. Now you know why we love her so much!

Image Source: Viral Bhayani

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