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#Zodiac: What Is The ONE Word That Describes You Perfectly?

#Zodiac: What Is The ONE Word That Describes You Perfectly?

Have you ever wondered if you could sum yourself up in a single word? One word that describes all your flaws and your strengths just perfectly? Well, your zodiac might help you find it. Here’s what your word is…

Aries - Fearless

You are a born leader, Aries. You have the courage to aim high in life, matched perfectly with the pioneer instinct and the steely determination to carry it through. The one word that describes you perfectly is fearless, for there is nothing in life that you would turn your back on out of fear of failing. You would rather fall and get back up again than give up and accept defeat.
one word that describes you

Taurus - Unshakeable

You are a tough one, Taurus, and it really comes as no surprise that unshakeable is the word for you. You fight till the end for the people you love and do not give up on them easily. Along with being strong, you are also the persevering sort and do not let minor falls and fails shake the firm belief you have in your own strengths. one word that describes you

Gemini - Versatile

The one word that sums you up perfectly is versatile, Gemini. You can do everything, and do it well. You have a sharp wit that is hard to match, along with a gift of the gab that makes you popular everywhere you go. Add to that your ability to adapt to your surroundings in the least possible time! You are a gifted soul who can be anything she wants to be. one word that describes you

Cancer - Compassionate

Not everybody can walk a mile in another person’s shoes like you can, Cancer. The one word that perfectly describes you is compassionate, for you have been gifted with the ability to understand people, and the many emotions they go through. You are kind hearted and value relationships above everything else, which is why you are usually tolerant and forgiving towards others too.
one word that describes you

Leo - Authoritative

You are authoritative, Leo, and that is the word that describes you perfectly too. You believe in yourself and in your ability to achieve everything you want to, which is why you love taking on challenges and beating them too. You are super confident and automatically assume charge in a group of people. And the thing is, people around you kind of expect you to as well. one word that describes you

Virgo - Inquisitive

You are practical, Virgo, and a shrewd observer who analyses and weighs every situation with her rational thinking and logic. The one word that describes you is inquisitive, ‘coz you have always been curious about the world around you, and can’t rest till you get the answers to satisfy your need to know. You like to get to the bottom of things and judge each situation for yourself. one word that describes you

Libra - Tactful

You’ve mastered the act of diplomacy, Libra. You instinctively know what to say, when to say it and just whom to say it to, for it have the most impact. Tactful is the word that perfectly describes you, ‘coz you know just how to balance every aspect of your life in a way that harmony and peace reign. You want the best of all worlds, and your tact often hands it to you.
one word that describes you

Scorpio - Intense

Passion drives you, Scorpio, and makes you feel alive. Every little task you do, you do it with great fervour, for you aren’t one to take up a job and stop before you give it your everything. The one word that sums you up is intense, ‘coz you care about the little details in life and chase perfection in everything you do. one word that describes you

Sagittarius - Hopeful

The word that describes you is hopeful, Saggi, for you are one who looks at the bright side of all things. You have the ability to scrounge for and ultimately even find the good in everything and everybody and remain hopeful about things getting better and the world becoming a happier place. You are cheerful and optimistic, and wish to experience the many adventures life has to offer and enjoy them to the fullest. one word that describes you

Capricorn - Independent

You are independent, Capricorn, and that’s the word that perfectly describes you too. You are ambitious and disciplined, and are often ready to persevere, for as long as it takes, to reach where you think you deserve to be. You are headstrong and believe in your potential, and don’t rely upon anyone other than your own self to make all your dreams come true.
one word that describes you

Aquarius - Affectionate

You are quite tolerant, Aquarius, which is why people instantly take a liking to you and become friends with you. You are an affectionate person, who really does believe that there is something nice within us all, something worthy of being loved. Your word, then, is affectionate, for you are loving towards everyone you meet. one word that describes you

Pisces - Mystical

The word that describes you is mystical, Pisces, for you live in a magical world of your own making.You have a vivid imagination that often offers up the most creative solutions to even mundane problems, and you source this creativity from the strong belief you hold in the working of a higher power. one word that describes you Images: Shutterstock, Giphy
Published on Feb 6, 2016
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