8 Fun & Exciting Things To Try With Him This Year!

8 Fun & Exciting Things To Try With Him This Year!
Deep down, we all secretly have a list of goals we want to meet every new year. Some of them are purely work oriented, and some are personal ones. If you're in a relationship, it’s time to spice things up this year. These new and exciting ideas will not only strengthen your relationship, but they’re also great ways to make fun memories with the guy you love. So, ladies, are you ready to make this year special? Read on to find out just how! (You’re welcome!)

1. Go On A Roadtrip

Sure, roadtrips are fun with your besties, but doing one only with your man makes the experience even more special. You get to know him better, spend some quality time with him, and explore new places together! So, girls, what you waiting for? Get planning already!

New things to try with your boyfriend

2. Make A Scrapbook!

A scrapbook is a fabulous way to document your relationship. Invest in one of those cute polaroid cameras and go on a clicking spree with your boyfriend. You can bring life to your scrapbook by using glitter pens and stickers too. At the end of the year, you and your partner can take a trip down the memory lane by just turning the pages of your scrapbook one by one.

3. Try Eating At A New Place Every Time

With Zomato and Justdial at your disposal, you and your man have a new place to go on a date every single time! Discovering new restaurants, trying different cuisines and sipping on exotic drinks are now literally just a tap away. Who knows? This could even inspire the two of you to start a food blog together!  

New things to try with your boyfriend

4. Try An Adventure Sport

Adventure sports are full of excitement! And what better way to share that excitement with your lover boy, ehh? Overcome that fear, and be open to experiencing new challenges together as a couple! This experience is bound to bring the two of you closer.  


5. Take Up A Class!

In the busy world that we live in today, spending a good amount of time with your man may be difficult. However, we have a solution! Based on your mutual interests, get yourselves enrolled in a class! This could be cooking, dancing, yoga, swimming or, even better, learning a new language! This is a wonderful way to learn new things together.

New things to try with your boyfriend

6. Have A Spa Day!

Everyone loves to get pampered, and your boyfriend too is no exception. Whether you choose to book an appointment or do it yourselves, it’s completely up to the two of you. We think having a spa session at home is a cooler idea. A day of relaxing is what you need to add to your couples’ bucket list ASAP!

7. Stay In Bed All Day

Dedicate one whole day during the week or month to just relax and enjoy each other’s company in bed. Do a movie marathon, listen to soft music, snack on some yummy munchies, and make sure cuddle sessions are included! Doesn’t that sound like fun already?

New things to try with your boyfriend

8. Try Karaoke, Of Course!

You don’t have to have the voice of Beyonce to pull this cool game off. It’s open to anyone who enjoys singing. You can either bring home a karaoke machine or pick a set from Youtube! Sure, these are small activities, but they’re the ones you remember for a lifetime.

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