#MyStory: I Thought He Would Be Yet Another “Rishta” Guy, But..

#MyStory: I Thought He Would Be Yet Another “Rishta” Guy, But..
It was during the T20 season last year that a man walked into my house with his family. He was wearing a yellow tee and blue faded jeans. It looked like he was all set to cheer for Chennai Super Kings in the match that day. But with no signs of anxiety for the actual reason he was at a stranger’s place.

Brought up in a Tam-Brahm family, after not being able to find my “Prince Charming” on my own, I had left the responsibility of finding a guy for me to my parents. And they were happy to take on this responsibility. The whole thing was quite a tedious task: first the photos of the guy and the girl were exchanged and then their natal charts, so that both families could consult their astrologers to see if those were compatible as well. Then a huge family board meeting would analyse everything to reach a decision.

It was during one of the steps of this whole long course that I saw this guy in the yellow T-shirt. This time it was different, though - unlike other guys who would come in formal clothes and sit rather awkwardly. He was dressed informally and leaned casually against a wall. He looked smart.

My parents had told me that he was a journalist, and that had already piqued my interest in him. Our natal charts had already matched and that’s why he was at my place so that we could meet. I was terribly nervous from all the instructions my mum and aunts had kept giving me since the moment this meeting was fixed. I somehow gathered courage and sat right across from where he was standing and looked at him... But his eyes were glued to the 36-inch LCD screen. He seemed more interested in watching the match rather than meeting the girl who could be his wife. However, the commercials and a cup of coffee came to my rescue. Finally, I had his attention.

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We were left alone for about 10 minutes to get to know each other. I had so many questions I wanted to ask him and was hoping he also has questions for me. But there just wasn’t enough time; he took my number before he left. I felt like we still needed time to know more about each other before making the life-changing decision. I knew I would be bombarded with hundreds of questions by my family the moment we stepped out of that room. I told my mum not to commit before I confirmed.

My phone buzzed, just about five minutes after he had left. It was a text from him. He said that he couldn’t find me on WhatsApp. First I checked if I had a nice profile pic, and then added his number. Then started the journey of two strangers getting to know each other. It took a lot of chats and dates to find out that he was (and is) as lazy and impulsive as me. We had our ups and downs on this path, but we knew we were destined to be together the rest of our lives. We were ready to accept each other with all the similarities and differences and personal quirks. :-)

With time, that stranger in the yellow T-shirt is no longer a stranger. I am eagerly waiting for the day when we will start a new phase of our life as husband and wife.

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