#MyStory: From Pool Party To Breakfast In Bed!!

#MyStory: From Pool Party To Breakfast In Bed!!
It all actually started as a friendship while we were in our second year in college. Shekhar was a chick magnet and seeing all these girls going crazy over him made me feel very jealous, but I never showed my jealousy. I always acted as if all that didn’t bother me.

One day, he came to me, gave me a compliment about my hair and just left with a huge smile on his face.  Those few words from him made me blush - I wanted to go over to him and kiss him. But again I kept my feelings to myself. He was a very good looking guy.

Things changed during the third year, all thanks to our friends Ria. She threw a pool party on her birthday and it was the most memorable party of my life. Shekhar was also coming to the party and I was looking forward to spending time with him.

our first date

The moment he walked in I felt butterflies in my stomach, he was looking so hot. We sat together and the party was on in full swing. After a while he held me tightly from behind... I could feel his body against mine and my heart was racing. Slowly he moved his hands towards my waist and then his hands started moving upwards towards my boobs! He kissing my neck, he smelled like heaven and I was totally lost to what was happening around me! All I remember was him and me, getting so close.

I turned around and hugged him tightly. We needed some privacy, so I asked him if he could drop me home and he said yes with a mischievous smile on his face.

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We reached my home but he didn’t just drop me there, he was with me the whole night. We spent the night in my bed in each other’s arms. We spoke very little and did a lot. He was an amazing, uh, kisser! ;-)

It was our first date and also first time for both of us. I don’t remember when we fell asleep. All I recall is how he woke me up with a kiss on my forehead. I saw his smiling face the moment I opened my eyes and then we cuddled for a while. I just loved the way our night ended and the morning started.Our first date ended with a delicious breakfast in bed.

I will forever be thankful to Ria for throwing that party and making our first date such a memorable experience. It’s been 10 years and Shekhar and I are still together. Over the years we have created so many wonderful and unforgettable memories, but that night will always be the one I cherish the most.

* Names changed to protect privacy.

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