#MyStory: What Happened That Night Was NOT What I’d Expected!

#MyStory: What Happened That Night Was NOT What I’d Expected!
I moved back to Delhi a few months ago for work. I was living with two flatmates I had found through some common friends. They were both older than me, so they basically took me under their wing and showed me what Delhi life was all about.

There was this one night when they took me out clubbing. It was their friend's birthday and the place was pretty amazing, but with some really mediocre music. Everyone was tipsy and dancing like crazy, though. I soon let go a bit and my friends made sure I danced along with them to every song. However, my heels were new, so my feet started to hurt and I finally managed to sneak away from my friends to get a few minutes of rest. I went to sit on the steps outside when I saw him. He was… gorgeous. Really tall, tanned, with a light stubble. He was talking on the phone and smoking a cigarette. When his call got over and he saw me sitting there, he just smiled and sat down next to me.

He didn't use any cheesy lines. Or act at all inappropriately. He just started a conversation as if we had been friends forever...and it was so much fun just talking to him. Twenty minutes in, I knew all the important details. His name was Sahej. He was at the club for the same person's party as my friends, but he hated places like these. He loved Italian food and not just eating it but cooking it too. And he lived with his sister a few minutes from my house. Soon after that, he asked me if I wanted to go back in or if I wanted a ride back home…

 i went to his house

I texted my friends to let them know that I was leaving and that I had a ride back. They texted back saying, "We can seeeee you. Have fun! ;) ;) ;) !"

Thank god he only saw my blush and not the text!! And he didn't really question me about it as we waited for the valet to turn up with his car. He helped me get in when it came, and I know it sounds weird but just feeling his hand on my lower back was making me think some really naughty stuff. I really, really didn't want the night to end and I guess he was thinking the same thing. Because that's when he (very hesitantly, mind you!) asked if I wanted to come to his place.

"I mean, only if you aren't too tired. And it's totally okay if you don't want to, I can just drop you..." He was babbling, and I finally cut him off by saying, "I would LOVE to."

We got back...and somehow, without even discussing it, we both knew what was going to happen. As soon as we entered his apartment, he started kissing me. At the same time, I removed my heels and dropped my bag on a chair. He somehow managed to lead us from the living room to his bedroom. Within the next minute, my dress was already unzipped and his shirt was unbuttoned and on the floor.

I pushed him to the bed and he was just about to unhook my bra when I felt something wet on my leg. For a second I didn't even realize what was happening before I felt it again. Someone was licking my leg. I stopped kissing Sahej and turned to look on my left and nearly had a heart attack. There was a giant, drooling dog licking my feet. GIANT.

I can't explain the terror I felt in that moment. The only thing I could do was scream at the top of my voice and run as far away from the dog as possible. The dog started barking really loudly and Sahej finally managed to wrap his head around the situation and tried to calm his dog down while dragging him away from me. I had stopped screaming by now, but I was still sitting on top of this really high table in the corner of his room. He opened the door to push the dog out and realized that all the commotion had woken his sister up and she was standing right outside, about to barge in and help.

"Uh, Sahej, what's going on?"

I don't think I've ever felt that embarrassed in my life! He went outside quickly and shut the door to talk to his sister and keep the dog from coming back in. He came back 10 minutes later and I asked him if his sister was mad at him. He just laughed and said, "Well, she might have been if her boyfriend hadn't followed her down to check what the yelling was all about. In his boxers."

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Now that my heart was finally beating at a somewhat normal pace, I couldn't help but laugh too! We got dressed and he dropped me home. And even though I really wasn't expecting to see him again, he asked me out for dinner the next weekend. And he promised to move his dog to the other room in case I ever wanted to come over again. Which, I obviously took him up on! ;-)

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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