#MyStory: That’s When I Kissed My Fiance For The First Time!

#MyStory: That’s When I Kissed My Fiance For The First Time!
I had met this guy from London for marriage, and we got engaged some time ago. Last June, he came to India for the marriage preparations. It was 17th June and I was out for a date with my fiancé, we spent a couple of hours together, getting to know each other more. Though it was a romantic moment, we both were also a bit sad; he was leaving for London the next day. Since he lived abroad, we’d hardly had any time to spend together and the time difference made it difficult to talk more often.

This time, he’d stayed at my place for some 10 days. He became very comfortable with my family and opened up to me easily. However, since it was an arranged marriage, I was a bit shy with him. I couldn’t get myself to hug him or kiss him. He understood this and didn’t insist on me displaying a lot of affection for him.

The day he had to leave for London, we were sitting in our bedroom. I was feeling rather sad about him leaving. We had come to know each other well, but we really had not had enough time together. He held my hand as he looked at my teary eyes. I looked at him and felt like he was expecting something from me. I was trying my best to not cry in front of him. I gave him a gold ring and he smiled as I put it on his finger. But I could sense he was expecting something more. But I was feeling too shy and a little nervous.

first kiss with my fiance

Finally, there was only 15 minutes left for him to leave. He got up from the bed and started collecting his bags. As he was going out of the room I told him to stop. I held his hand, shut the door of the room and kissed him. We shared a kiss which started as a little awkward but became a passionate one later. He gave me a tight hug after we kissed, and I saw this amazing smile on his face. I had never seen him this happy.

That was the moment I realised that all he wanted from me was affection. He just wanted me to get rid of my shyness and be more expressive about my feelings towards him. It’s been seven months now and I still go weak at the knees when I see him smile the way he did that day, because I know what that smile means. :-)


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