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#BeautyDiaries: I Tried Smoothening My Hair And...

#BeautyDiaries: I Tried Smoothening My Hair And...
Being the middle child has many disadvantages, as we all know. But somehow, I managed to turn it all in my favour - I was the most responsible, careful, well-behaved and studious child out of the 3 daughters my parents had. However, there was one major issue.

Unlike my 2 sisters who had lusciously long, straight hair, I had curly, frizzy, almost grizzly bear-esque hair (the resemblance of the texture was uncanny!). For most of my childhood, my mom solved this problem by getting my hair cut short. She would lure me into these haircuts by giving them fancy names like “Princess Diana cut” or  “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai cut”  and I would blindly fall for it. Thankfully, as I entered my 20s I realized what a sham this was.

So to make my frizzy hair at least presentable I tried using hair mousse, but all it did was make my hair dry. I tried washing my hair at night, twisting it in a towel and sleeping on it, but that didn’t solve the problem either. Frequent parlour blow-drying and ironing were just causing major hair breakage.

My friends would always ask me why my hair was a mess and all I could reply was that it was my style - while in my head I would curse them. I was hellbent on solving my hair issue somehow. I did a lot of research and I came across 2 options: permanent straightening and hair smoothening.

Both had their pros and cons, but what drew me towards smoothening was that it involves fewer chemicals and would give a natural, soft look unlike the poker straight effect of rebonding. After doing rounds and rounds of research, I had set the date for smoothening a day before our big family vacay to Europe. But as luck would have it, when I reached my favourite salon I got to know my stylist had fallen sick and all the others were fully booked up. Sad but not defeated, I decided to go to a salon near my house which was popular amongst my mom’s kitty party friends. As the stylist sat me down, all I said was, “Natural lagega na? I don’t want poker straight hair.” He said, “Trust me, London ke ladko ka mooh khula reh jayega!”

Two hours later, the result was more than amazing! My hair was bouncy and shiny. All I was told was to not get my hair wet in the rain for the next 3 days and I left happier than ever. I got multiple compliments from my family and thought that nothing could spoil my vacation now. In my head, I had already planned to take a million selfies!

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At some point during our trip, I had to wash my hair, which I was more than happy to do because I wanted to see what this smoothening had done. It was right before I had to go out sightseeing (which in my family mostly means shopping). After my bath, I noticed that one half of my hair seemed curlier than the other half, but my mom blamed it on me just being overly critical. As the day passed, my hair started to dry. I clearly remember that I was trying on a dress at H&M and I looked in the mirror and screamed! Half of my hair was straight while the other was half was visibly curly (not as curly as my original hair but still curly enough to make me look like a freak).

At that moment all I could think about was running to the nearest salon and getting a blow dry. I could already imagine the jokes my friends would crack. After spending the whole day sulking, I realized I couldn’t do anything about it, at least until my vacation ended. I just made a mental note to kill that guy.

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Once I was back home I stormed into the parlour and fired him! All he could say was, “Yeh kaise ho gaya?! You must have gone out in the rain!” I couldn’t take his stupid excuses. After 10 minutes of arguing all I could tell him was to just make it okay!

The correction process involved applying smoothening serum only on the curly part and praying it would work out. It did work out and the result was great! Finally, ALL of my hair was straight, but not poker straight.

My experience with smoothening may have had a rough start, but the end was a smooth one. I recommend this to anyone and everyone out there who has 99 problems, and frizzy, unmanageable hair is one of them.

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