3 Makeup Mistakes EVERY Girl Makes - Here’s How To Fix Them!

3 Makeup Mistakes EVERY Girl Makes - Here’s How To Fix Them!
Girls, we’ll be lying if we said we don’t have a slight obsession with makeup, even if we don’t use too much of it. We all make a few common blunders with makeup and don’t even know about. It’s time we correct them!


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1. Long Lasting Lip Colour

We all want our lipstick to last for long, but the mistake we make is applying it on bare lips.

Fix It: You need to create a base on your lips before applying your lip colour so that it stays on all day long. So apply concealer on your lips using your ring finger before applying your lipstick to make it last for hours.

2. Filling Up Your Eyebrows

Most of us fill our brows with just one colour, but that’s not the right way to do it.

Fix It: Place your index finger where your eyebrow starts and then begin filling in your darker shade. Then fill in with your lighter shade. Finally, use an eyebrow brush to set your brows in place.

3. Mascara Wand

When we take out our mascara wand, we generally move it up and down in the tube first. This does nothing but let more air into the mascara bottle, which will dry it up faster.

Fix It: Just lift out the wand once, without that to and fro movement. It’s enough to begin the application.

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