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5 Simple Ways To Make Your Fav Leggings Last (Almost) Forever!

5 Simple Ways To Make Your Fav Leggings Last (Almost) Forever!
When it comes to everyday dressing, us girls love our leggings! We can rock them with tunics, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and even wear them under our pretty kurtas! We’re obsessed with how light they are and the freedom of movement they offer. And yes, we love the fact that they look as awesome at the college canteen as they do in the gym! But the thin material (usually synthetic and lycra), the wear-and-tear of regular usage and even the rigours of laundry often squeeze the life out of our precious leggings! So here are 5 easy ways to get the most out of your fav pair!  

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1. Separate The Synthetics

While doing laundry, make sure to only wash the synthetics with other synthetics! Do not throw your lycra leggings into the washing machine with your denims and cottons! This maintains the quality of the fabric. make your leggings last longer. 1  

2. Say No To Fabric Softeners!

Leggings are often made using wicking fabrics (aka, “modern technical fabrics” which absorb very litte water). And as awesome as fabric softeners are - they do NOT go well with synthetics and polyester!

3. Ice Ice Baby!

Psst! Here’s a secret! Synthetic fabric and hot water are not on friendly terms! Keep it cool, keep it cold! make your leggings last longer. 3

4. Blowin’ In The Wind

Even if your washing machine comes with an in-built clothes dryer - your leggings deserve some time in the sun. Since legging fabrics usually come pre-shrunk, mechanical drying might cause them to shrink further, faster!

5. Be Careful With Detergent

make your leggings last longer. 5 The natural inclination is to add just a little extra washing powder to our laundry to ensure maximum “safai”, but for your leggings - be judicious with the amount of detergent you throw in. Choose a product like Ariel Matic which is gentle with synthetic and natural fabrics alike! *This is a sponsored post for Ariel.