No Smudging, No Fading: How To Make Your Eyeliner Last ALL Day!

No Smudging, No Fading: How To Make Your Eyeliner Last ALL Day!

No Smudging, No Fading: How To Make Eyeliner Last ALL Day!

There’s nothing we love more than the drama of a cat eye or the magic a couple simple swipes of eyeliner brings to our face. And there’s nothing we hate more than when that hard work of drawing precise lines going for a toss with a simple smudge or fading. Well, not anymore, ladies! At times, even the best eyeliners may not last long if you do not follow these simple tips. We tell you a few pro tips to make eyeliner last all day long in one place. With these simple hacks, your flicks will be on point even at the end of the night.

1. Make Eyeliner Last All  Day With Powder Power

Try this secret to all-day wear - apply your eyeliner like you usually would and wait for it to dry before dusting on a tiny bit of translucent powder with a small fluffy brush. Then, draw a second coat over the first one for more intensity and stronger staying power.

2. Place The Eyeliner In The Fridge

point-23 If your eyeliner is made of wax then you should definitely try this. Keep it in your fridge for 10 minutes before applying it. This way, it will give you a crisp line that won’t melt through the day, which is common with such eyeliners.

3. Get Rid Of Oily Lids For A Lasting Eyeliner

Oily lids are super common and can be quite a pain when it comes to eye makeup. Remember to wash your face properly before applying your liner, or any makeup for that matter. An eye makeup primer is great, especially for oily lids to keep your liner as well as your eyeshadow in place without smudging or fading for hours at a stretch. Simply rub a tiny bit on like a cream before starting your make-up.

4. Make Eyeliner Last All  Day By Adding A Coat Of Shadow

point-41 Another trick that is a makeup pro fave is to use an angular brush to apply a dark eyeshadow on the top of your eyeliner. This helps it stay in place for long and can even give that sultry, smokey effect.

5. First Use Foundation Or A Concealer, Always!

If you don’t have a primer then you can simply use foundation or concealer as a base on your lids before applying your liner. This will help your eyeliner stick to the base and stay in place.

6. Make Eyeliner Last All  Day By Avoiding Moisturiser

point-6- Probably the only time you would find us saying don’t moisturise, right? Avoid applying it on your eyelids because it will form a slippery base, just like oily lids.

7. Be Careful Of The Inner Corners

The inner corners are probably the most problematic area, where smudging is common. Apply it carefully there, making sure to draw a dark line. Blend on some powder or eyeshadow especially in this area.

8. Choose Your Products Wisely

point-8 Remember that liquid liner generally is the most long-lasting and kohl is probably the least. Also, opt for a waterproof eyeliner as the formula is designed to stay in place no matter what!

9. Make Eyeliner Last All  Day By Not Applying Too Much

Don’t apply too many layers of eyeliner in the hopes of making it stay in place; this will just make the look messy and can even cause cracks in your lines. Images: Shutterstock