7 Little Secrets A Shy Guy Will Never Tell You!

7 Little Secrets A Shy Guy Will Never Tell You!
It’s not always easy to figure out when a shy guy likes you! But when he does, there are a few things he still won’t tell you! Here are a few little secrets shy guys will never tell you!

1. He gets super nervous when he’s around you…

He wants you to have the perfect impression about him, but he doesn’t really know if he will be able to do all those things to woo you. He’s kinda shy, you see!

2. But you’re always on his mind…

Even when you’re not around, he’s still thinking of you. He may not be able to put across what he’s thinking all the time in words - but he’s always trying to come up with ways to!

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3. He goes out of his way to make you happy!

Because his way is not really very out there. He is shy and reserved, of course. So even when he does little things like hold your hand or say sweet things to you, know that it takes a lot of effort for him!

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4. And when you show him any kind of affection… He gets butterflies in his stomach!

Every single time. Seeing you make the effort and showing him your love makes him feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

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5. Looking at you and smiling at you is his way of…flirting!

So take the hint the next time you’re wondering why he smiles so sweetly but never really comes up and initiates a conversation!

6. He never really knows what to do when you get mad!

When you get mad, he basically freezes! He has no idea how to get you back to normal. Help him out a little!

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7. He likes spending time with you!

Especially once he gets comfortable around you. He doesn’t like venturing too far out of his comfort zone. And if you’re someone he likes, he will want to spend a lot of time with you - don’t be fooled just because he may not say it that often!

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