Get The Sexiest Blouses With These Interesting Backs!

Get The Sexiest Blouses With These Interesting Backs!

You know what I really struggled with while getting my trousseau made? The numerous blouses! There were like 5 different lehenga blouses and the real challenge was to have each blouse back look better than the other! After all, we girls really do love striking that sexy back pose for all our pictures! Here’s bringing you some much needed Insta inspiration for blouse backs we are totally crushing on!

1.  The elegant slit

1 blouse designs for shaadi When you don’t want to show too much skin but give your back an elegant appeal, the slit totally comes in handy. Works wonders if you want to give your lehenga a modern twist. Image: Shyamal & Bhumika on Instagram

2. The sheer net back

2 blouse designs for shaadi Sheer is perfect when you want to look sexy yet also keep the mystery alive! A net blouse back with beautiful embroidery and buttons will look fab with your engagement lehenga. Image: Shyamal & Bhumika on Instagram

3. Bringin’ sexy back!

3 blouse designs for shaadi Working out lately? Then you’ve got to show it off, girl! We absolutely love this bold inverted ‘U’ design by Anita Dongre. You need to have at least one like this in your trousseau. Keep the sleeves long to balance out the look. Image: Anita Dongre on Instagram

4. For a super slimming effect

4 blouse designs for shaadi

V’ shaped backs are great when you want to give yourself a slimmer look. Deep ‘V’s give your back an elongated and attractive look while also hiding any love handles that you may not want to show! Image: Afashionistasdiaries on Instagram

5. Sophistication at it’s best

5 blouse designs for shaadi

Don’t underestimate the power of this simple blouse design for lehenga. It can make almost any outfit look extremely sophisticated and lady like. So if there’s an outfit you just can’t seem to figure out the blouse for, try this and we bet it’ll look gorge! Image: Sabyasachi Mukherjee on Instagram

6. Lace cutouts

6 blouse designs for shaadi This is so pretty and delicate! Chuck the actual cloth and have your back made of a gorgeous lace that is cut out in its original shape. Super time love for this one! Image: Anushree Reddy on Instagram

7. The good old round

7 blouse designs for shaadi

One can never go wrong with the round. It’s the one back we’ve seen a lot and loved a lot! You could add latkans for a more ethnic look or just leave it as it is. The round back will always work wonders!   Image: Sabyasachi Mukherjee on Instagram MUST-READ: 9 Stunning Necklines For Your Sari Blouses! MUST-READ: #CelebStyle: 7 WOW Sari Blouses To Inspire Your Tailor