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What Is *His* Love Personality? His Zodiac Says...

What Is *His* Love Personality? His Zodiac Says...
The stars have a say in the way a man behaves in a relationship. He may like to surprise his partner or he may even find it difficult to express his feelings to her. Well, we love our boys just the way they are - but let’s see what their zodiac sign says about the kind of boyfriends they make...


The Aries boyfriend is always making plans with his partner to take up new hobbies or visit new places. He is energetic and youthful, and has a masculine confidence about him that can sometimes disarm his partner! He takes the lead in his relationships and hardly ever wastes time when it comes to letting his feelings be known to his partner. He has a keen sense of his own physical needs and desires - and is always up for experimenting in bed with his partner. If you’re in a relationship with him, his crazy energy will charge you right up - and you will never seem to get enough of him!

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The Taurus boyfriend is slightly shy and likes to take things a bit slow. He takes his time to open up, but once he does, there is no stopping him. He is the kind of man who keeps his partner’s needs above his own, and would plan to take her out on a date even when he might be working late himself. Love and loyalty can be more important to him than the sexual aspect of a relationship. He is not into grand gestures, so be prepared to cherish the little moments with him. kind of boyfriends


The Gemini boyfriend has no trouble making friends with his partner’s friends and family. He is the man who is a favourite with everyone because of his gift for entertaining people and involving others in stimulating conversations. He loves to talk and has a witty sense of humor that will never fail to make you laugh. He is also a huge romantic who will never let a dull moment creep into your relationship. He is the perfect person to travel with and will leave no chance to spoil you crazy!
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The Cancer boyfriend takes his time to make the first move, and is a bit shy at first. But he is understanding and ready to go to any extent for the people he loves. This is also why he likes to talk about his family and loved ones often to his partner and quickly warms up to her family and friends too. He may hold on to past arguments and feelings sometimes, but he is equally ready to forgive and forget too. He wouldn’t shy away from apologising to his partner, repeatedly even, if he feels he’s hurt her. He is the man who expresses what he feels and tries to understand what you’re going through too. kind of boyfriends


The Leo boyfriend is extremely warm and loves showering his partner with little gifts and surprises, for no particular reason or occasion. He is a natural leader, who is quite used to receiving attention from people around him - but that doesn’t make him value his partner or his relationship any less. In fact, he is a complete romantic and also has a powerful sex drive. He’s the man who will remember anniversaries and birthdays and make his partner always feel special. But then, he expects the same from his partner too and may get slightly jealous if he feels he is not her priority - just like he makes sure she is his. kind of boyfriends BannerYellow 500px (1)


The Virgo boyfriend is really interested in knowing who you are - so don’t be surprised if he asks you a lot of questions about your dreams, fears, preferences and dislikes! He pays attention to the little things and likes things to be in order - and appreciates and encourages the same in his partner. He treats his partner’s problems like his own, and helps her deal with them with the smartest solutions possible. He doesn’t fear commitment, and is likely to get into a relationship only because he’s quite serious about it.
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The Libra boyfriend has his priorities set straight and values his relationship with his partner above everything else in his life. He is a happy-go-lucky man who holds no grudge, and is forgiving and understanding towards his partner. This also makes him a patient listener, who is just as forthcoming and honest about his feelings. He loves to show off his partner to the world and does not shy away from PDA even! In fact, he does not love anything more than holding hands with the woman he loves, wherever he may be. kind of boyfriends


The Scorpio boyfriend makes his partner feel special like no one else can. He is thoughtful and affectionate and wants to take care of all her needs. He is extremely passionate and loyal, even though he may tend to get a bit jealous and possessive at times. Most importantly, he is genuine in his feelings towards his partner, and will always stand by her, come what may. kind of boyfriends


The Sagittarius boyfriend is the perfect gentleman. He knows how to surprise his girl. He is the kind of man who would land up at your doorstep, without any warning, and take you out for dinner. He has a positive outlook towards life and is easy to get along with. He wants life to be a big adventure with his partner, and will always be straightforward about his feelings. He welcomes change and thrives on variety in life. He believes in living extravagantly, but is also very kind-hearted. He is a partner who will make you feel good about yourself and will never stop loving you. kind of boyfriends


The Capricorn boyfriend is responsible and mature. He likes to set long term goals for himself so that he can be the best at everything - like he deeply desires to be. He often brings stability to his relationship, and provides guidance, direction and support to his partner. Although at times he may come across as being slightly bossy and inflexible, that’s only because he wants to bring out the best in his relationship too - and isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes is right.
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The Aquarius boyfriend is fun to be with and easy to talk to. He is the kind of guy who would show up for dates on time, and would get along with his partner’s friends and family. But he hates being restricted in any way and dearly guards his personal space and freedom. That being said, he is also one who plans ahead in life, always keeping his partner in mind. He loves an independent woman, for he strongly believes that relationships shouldn’t take away one’s individuality. kind of boyfriends


The Pisces boyfriend is sensitive and receptive to the feelings of his partner in a relationship. He believes in the existence of a higher power and has faith in the workings of the universe. But he does not ever impose his beliefs on his partner. He treats his partner with respect and kindness - and goes to great lengths to make up to her if he ever feels like he has hurt her. kind of boyfriends GIFs: Tumblr Featured Image: Shutterstock HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST READ: Love And Your Sun Sign: Who Is Your Zodiac Soulmate? MUST READ: What Kind Of Lover Are You? Your Zodiac Reveals…