9 Things You Really Shouldn’t Worry About In A New Relationship

9 Things You Really Shouldn’t Worry About In A New Relationship
Getting into a new relationship has it perks, but like every new beginning, it can be quite nerve-wracking! We are of course all excited and happy, but at the same time we also worry about silly little things. Here’s a list of things you absolutely shouldn’t worry about in a new relationship!

1. Your weight

No, really. He likes you for you - as he should. Your curves, your sharp angles, your bubble-butt, your bony chin - the way you really are! This is all a huge part of who you are. Love and embrace your body, no matter what shape or size you are. And don’t worry about what he might think even for a minute!

2. Your flaws

Well, because no one is perfect and neither is he. He hopes that even if you see his flaws, you will still love him just the same. So, if you are willing to do this for him, why wouldn't he?

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3. Your income

Your pay might be staggeringly lower than his or significantly more - or you guys could be making the same amount of money. The point is, it shouldn't matter! A relationship shouldn't be a competition. And money definitely shouldn't define your relationship.

4. Your previous relationships

You are with whoever you are right now because something was lacking in your previous relationship. Your current boyfriend and you should both know that you have the present and the future ahead with each other! Let relationships from the past stay in the past - let bygones be bygones.

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5. The looming sense of guilt

You shouldn’t have to feel guilty about “moving on” or getting into a new relationship. You shouldn’t have to justify why your previous relationship ended - and even if you do feel the need to explain it, just be honest about what happened. You were born to be loved! So don’t ever feel like you are doing something wrong or immoral by stepping into a new relationship.

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6. Being accepted by everyone

Please don’t worry about being accepted by his best friends, his social circle, his immediate family and whoever else may be a part of his life. Acceptance is a step-by-step process and it happens over time. They don’t know you yet, so don’t fret about having to impress them! Just be yourself and they will all love you eventually.

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7. Whether you’re going to have to deal with a heartbreak...

Just because it happened in the past, does not mean it will happen all over again. You deserve a fair chance at love and so does he. Rule No.1: Do not compare your current relationship with your previous one. To be honest, that is the only rule you need to follow! Seriously, don’t worry.

8. Trying to dress-to-impress him!

Men rarely do ever notice how much effort goes into a simple yet complicated little outfit. He won’t understand the subtle technicalities of mixing and matching. So, dress the way you always do. Wear what you’re comfortable wearing and be true to your own style - you’ll look great anyway!

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9. Your hopes and dreams

Opening up to someone new can be unnerving - so take all the time you need. But when you do tell him about your hopes and dreams and that all that you want to achieve in life, don’t worry about him judging you in any way - no matter how far-fetched your dreams might seem. Because, who knows, together you guys might be invincible!

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