This Is How Crazy Joota Chupai Can Get At The Wedding!

This Is How Crazy Joota Chupai Can Get At The Wedding!
Yesterday, we girls got talking about the joota chupai rasam and what a laugh riot it is! It’s the one thing we all look forward to during family weddings. From plotting and planning to negotiating for a better price, most of us are highly skilled when it comes to joota chupai. These 5 stories are definitely going to make you laugh and remember the time you were in a similar situation!

1. Uh oh! Whose shoe is this?!

It was my cousin brother's wedding and we sisters were having a great time. It was only after the couple sat for the pheras that we realised it’s time to protect our dear brother’s shoes. Next to the mandap were some 5-6 pairs of juttis, all similar to each other.

We took out our phones to browse through all the pictures we had clicked with our bhai and we spotted the right pair. It took us just about 5 minutes to steal the juttis and hide them away.

It was only after the pheras got over did we realise that we had actually stolen the bride's father's shoes instead!

Shared by Avisha Choudhary, Social Media Coordinator

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2. Big girls don’t steal

My sister recently got married and I had it all perfectly planned for the big steal! Pheras would be a long wait, so we made the move the moment the groom stepped onto the stage. And we were successful. But the boys side was equally determined and what followed was a full-on tug of war until both the sides had one jutti each! We knew we had tough competition and since we girls didn’t want to look absolutely crazy, we bribed the little kids in our family to hound the boys’ side till we had the other shoe. In the end, we won!

Shared by Snigdha Chowdhary, Account Manager

3. Juttis over men?!

My friend got married to a tennis player so all the groomsmen were these really cute-looking foreigners! And they had no idea what joota chupai was all about. So that made things pretty simple for us. During the varmala when the groom was lifted in the air, my bestie and I decided to strike. Tanya* bent down and swooped her way through the 40 odd people who were on the stage. Her hair and saree were a mess, but we got the juttis!

The lone groomsman who was an Indian and understood the gravity of the situation (*wink) came forward and tried to haggle with us. His proposal? Give us the juttis and these 10 cute groomsmen are all yours! We obviously chose the shoes!

Shared by Kritika Rathi, Fashion Writer

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4. A 2 States story!

My brother married a beautiful girl who is from Nepal while our family has roots in Bihar. The girls’ side were completely clueless about this ritual while our family was super enthu! I personally went and coached them on why they should steal the shoes and then ask for money. We cousins were totally looking forward to the negotiation even if it was just for fun.

The girls’ family, however, thought it was wrong to fight and kept asking us why we were doing this. They were embarrassed to ask for money or indulge in any sort of negotiation! Finally, I had to intervene and negotiate a good price on their behalf!

Garima Gupta, Associate Editor, Wedding

5. Just not interested!

Truth be told, my cousins and I are always super excited about these things. Joota chupai is the funnest part of a wedding and this time too we were looking forward to it. We were from the guys’ side and super excited as we were, we hid our brother’s shoes before the other side even had a chance. We kept waiting for the fun to begin: for the bride's sisters to go crazy looking for them, put up a fight, do some leg pulling. But, none of this ever happened! Even the pheras got over but the girls were just not interested! Our uncle finally got annoyed with us for making the guy walk barefoot and we had to silently give him back his shoes.

Dakshee Haryani, Social Media Coordinator

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