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How To Do Something ​*Different*​ With Your Crush This Weekend!

How To Do Something ​*Different*​ With Your Crush This Weekend!
It’s the 14th February weekend yet again and it’s time to put an end to every Valentine cliche there is. Hand-in-hand walk on the beach? Nope! This year, walk down the SPACES Street at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2016 - a melange of music, food, films and art to keep you occupied. Single this Valentine’s? Even better! Sit on the stairs next to the Cocoon installation, and just look at the world go by. You could even walk up to a fellow singleton and say hi; it’s the best place to socialise, and pick up a skill or two. Got you jumping in your seat already? That’s your top reason to visit NOW! Here’s 5 more...

1. Musically Yours

There are some great acts lined up this year that include Adil Manuel Kollectiv - an award winning guitarist and composer on the 12th of February. Shibani Kashyap performs on the 13th and actor-cum-singer Ayushmann Khurrana (who we all know has a set of well-oiled pipes to add to his boy-next-door charm) on the 14th. And while you’re surrounded by good music, find a chance to ask your crush out. Just remember, do not be the creepy stalker. Nobody dates the kind! innovative date ideas. 1

2. Food Babies

With all the food on offer at the KGAF16, it’s only natural to walk out with food babies. It is advisable to ditch any diet plans you’ve been observing and dig right in. There’s a bread making session on the 11th of February and cake decor on the 12th. If you feel the two of you aren’t clicking, there are a lot of nooks and crannies to hide in.

3. Twinkle Toes

Yes, the best way to judge a man’s prowess in bed is by judging his hand-eye-foot coordination when he dances. If he’s eager, take him to the salsa and bachata classes at the fest on the 13th of February. You’re both really bad dancers? Ummm… you were made for each other, welcome very much? And if dancing isn’t your thing, there’s the Pixel Dialogues installation - a romantic activity corner where you can write secret messages to your date and ask him/her to find it. innovative date ideas. 3

4. You Are His Cinema?

If the two of you love movies, there’s a prized collection of films to look forward to. There’s White Lily And Knight Rider - a film which talks about a virtual online couple that takes their romance offline. There’s also Kangana Ranaut’s stellar performance in Queen to watch on the 12th of February.

5. Get Arty

To add to it all, SPACES has come up with a bunch of awesome installations at the festival centering around the concept of using textiles creatively in your home and life. To begin with, there’s ‘A Creative Sanctuary’ - an interesting play of cocoons that creates a comforting zone which nurtures the imagination and brings out the best in you. And not to miss ‘The Tree of Life’, which has blooming flowers and birds perched on top, and has been created entirely with the fabric from the SPACES collection. Keep an eye out for the SPACES carpets scattered across the KGAF venues. These carpets bear photographs of eminent personalities like Amitabh Bachchan, Naseeruddin Shah etc., who are being honoured at the festival this year! *This is a sponsored post for Spaces. The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is on in Mumbai till 14th February.