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Broke Life vs Chill Life: Aisa Hi Hota Hai!

Rayman Gill

Assistant Editor, POPxo

Picture this: It’s the last week of the month. Do you find yourself searching the nooks and crannies of your purse for spare change, or are you one of those who always has enough money to treat your pals on a whim! If you fall into the first category - we feel your pain, sister! And if you’re one of the rare non-broke girls, can we please become best friends?

Jokes apart, do college fests leave you cold with the thought of having to buy new clothes? Do parties leave you feeling bummed out about not being able to afford a simple blow dry at the parlour? Do you often find yourself marvelling at girls who (despite getting the same amount of pocket money as you) somehow find themselves with cash to spare at the end of the month?


If you really wanna know - watch this video ;-)
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Published on Feb 12, 2016
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