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More ‘Experienced’ Than Him? This Is What You Need To Know!

Rayman Gill

Assistant Editor, POPxo

When you’re transitioning from courtship to love, the inevitable question about your respective ‘experience’ comes up. And then you realise that you’re the one who, you know...knows more. So if you’ve found yourself in this tricky situation, read on...

1. TMI alert!

When the topic first comes up, remember that you’re getting to know each other and could do without a detailed inventory! Keep the conversation honest yet light! No play-by-play of your prowess!

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2. Get comfy

Psst! Very few people actually do anything on the suhaag raat. After all the shaadi prep and stress, most couples choose sleep over sex. The first night is a great time to start getting comfy with each other. Talk, laugh, make out, nap – don’t stress out!

3. Skip the doodh drama

Don’t let the glass of milk/roses on the bed/suggestive comments from random relatives stress either of you out. You’re married now, and your sex life is not confined to just your ‘first night’.

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4. Don’t brag

Even if he is super comfortable with you being more experienced – bragging about your ‘adventures’ is definitely the worst idea ever! Leave the past in the past and focus on creating an awesome future with your hubby!


5. The horizontal salsa

If you do decide to go for it on night one, there are two things we’d like to say. First - aww yeaaah! Second - do remember that more often than not, it takes time for any two people to get used to each others’ rhythm, it takes practice and patience to get that perfect romance novel encounter between the sheets! So keep practicing (wink wink)!  

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6. Slow and steady

If you feel he is uncomfortable being the less experienced one, it might help to build up to sex over a couple of days or weeks. Start slow and go with the flow – this is a great way to get acquainted with each others’ preferences in bed!

7. Experience can be a great thing

As you slowly get to know each other better – show him how lucky he is to have a more ‘experienced’ woman! We’re sure you know a few tricks to blow his mind ;-)

suhaag raat 7

8. Get freaky

Once your sex life is flowing smooth, make his night by bringing some of his steamiest fantasies to life! This way, he’ll never feel like he’s ‘missing out’ due to his lack of previous experience!

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Published on Feb 12, 2016
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