7 Styling Tricks To Make Your Arms Look Slimmer!

7 Styling Tricks To Make Your Arms Look Slimmer!
We’ve all had days when we wished we had sculpted Michelle Obama arms. Those gorgeous arms that the whole world seems to be obsessed with, and why not! Have you seen them?! OMG!! One day we will have those arms too, but until that fortunate day arrives, we have found out some sartorial tricks to fake toned arms. Here are 7 styling tips to make your arms look slimmer!

1. Wear deep V-necks

make your arms look slimmer

Deep V-neck tops and dresses are the best options is you want to draw focus away from your arms. They have a flattering neckline that draws people’s attention to your neck even if you are going sleeveless. Highlight your collarbone and neck with these key pieces, and no one will even notice that you haven’t had the time to hit the gym in a while.

2. Go for boxy shirts and tops

Boxy shirts have a very square silhouette with big loose sleeves in proportion to the body. The loose sleeves create an illusion of slimmer arms. These tops are normally shorter in length than a normal top, so they look best if paired with tight high waisted jeans and skirts.

3. Wear dark quarter sleeves

make your arms look slimmer

Your forearm is the slimmest  part of your arm and quarter sleeves hit just there. Wearing dark coloured tops with quarter sleeves that end at the forearms makes your arms look more shapely. Always make sure you wear sleeves that are slim and not tight. They should be able to flow down gracefully from your shoulders.

4. Sleeveless button down shirts

You might be wondering how a sleeveless shirt can make your arms look slimmer... But if you look closely, you will see that a sleeveless button down shirt is in fact ALL about the shoulders. Sleeveless shirts with collars highlight the curve of your shoulder, which is usually more toned and structured than your upper arms.

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5. Say no to cap sleeves

make your arms look slimmer

If you have slightly heavy arms, then you should stay far away from cap sleeves. Tiny cap sleeves cut right below the shoulder at the broadest part of the upper arm. A definite NO if you want to make your arms look slimmer.

6. Batwing shirts and butterfly sleeves

As the name itself suggests, these tops have sleeves that are attached with the body. Not only do they look stylish but they also do a perfect job of hiding actual batwings we might have. :P. So much win!

7. Sheer tapered sleeve

Sheer sleeves are made out of flowy fabrics that do not stick to your skin. This makes them perfect if you want to fake slimmer arms. Make sure you wear long sleeve sheer tops or a tapered sleeve. A tapered sleeve top creates a slender looking arms as the sleeves flow down from your shoulders and tighten up at your wrist. The breezy fabric helps create a very lean silhouette.

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