Worried About The Two Families Getting Along? Try This!

Worried About The Two Families Getting Along? Try This!

India mein shaadi means the guy’s family needs to love the girl’s family and the girl’s family needs to love the guy’s family. And considering just how big our parivaars are, even knowing each member seems like an impossible task! But not when you have us! Check out these super cute ways to make your in laws and family get along like a house on fire! It’s the tiniest bit of effort that goes a long way in your ‘happily ever after’.

1. The first step: planning the wedding!

Do it together as one big family! You’ll have double the ideas and more hands to work on tiny details. We do agree that a line needs to be drawn at some point but smaller things like family games, sangeet performances, photobooths, wishing trees will be so much fun to work on together! in laws and family

2. The numerous customs we have!

Every family has their own set of customs and cultures. How about adapting few from the other family? It will be one gesture the other side will truly appreciate. And look at it this way, you too will get to try out something totally new and different! Your wedding will always be remembered for that one custom you did in a brand new way!

3. Bowled over!

Nothing better than a cricket match for the families to bond over. Have the teams divided as Boys’ vs Girls’ or just mix it up! From cheering for each other to chilling over a post-match drink, every member is sure to enjoy this one Sunday afternoon.

4. Ding dong, baby sing a song!

Dinner over karaoke. Sounds fun, right? In all probability, either of the families will be inviting each other for a dinner at their residence to discuss the wedding preps etc. Instead of making it a formal “Hello ji, kaise hain?” affair, turn the house into a karaoke bar. Get a karaoke set and watch how the mehfil unfolds! in laws and family

5. A ‘no adults’ day :D

Want your wedding to be one big, mad party? All you need is for the youngsters to get along well before the real functions begin. It could be a movie night or a meet up at a newly opened bar. Once these guys are on the same page, you’re pretty much sorted! new_in_story_banner_500px_480

6. The guessing game

I saw this at a friend's sangeet ceremony and it was quite a thing! Both the families had cue cards with hints such as, “She loves golgappas, wears the prettiest bangles and is a diehard SRK fan.” Members from the other family had to guess the person. It’s a great way to know little things about all the relatives which you may have been unaware off.

7. WhatsApp to the rescue!

After the wedding is over and people are back to their work desks and regular life, stay connected on the family WhatsApp group! From sharing funny wedding pictures to wishing birthdays and anniversaries, it’s the easiest way to keep in touch! in laws and family

8. Respect is the key

Give respect, get respect. Respect each other’s family and we’re sure they’ll reciprocate the same way. Invite each other to your family gatherings and make each one feel a part of the bigger parivaar that you are now. GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: #ShaadiSePehle: How To Get Along With Your Future In-Laws! MUST-READ: Double The Fun! 5 Awesome Games To Play At Your Sangeet!