7 Simple Yet Important Tips for a Better Sex Life with Your Partner

7 Simple Yet Important Tips for a Better Sex Life with Your Partner
SEX. We all put too much pressure on that three-letter word. Yes, it is an important part of every relationship. In fact, it is an integral part of a relationship. But let's look at the big picture! While sex might be a vital part of any romantic relationship; a lot of the actual romance really has nothing to do with sex. It's time to take away any performance-related stress and look at some ways to improve your sex life - without, well, actually having any sex!

1. Exercise

Believe it or not, exercise really makes everything better, and this includes your sex life. It makes you feel good and helps get rid of stress. Not to forget, one of the sexiest things in the world is a girl who takes care of herself. Try it! You'll have more energy for everything, including you know what...

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2. Sleep In Together

For a better sex life, decide a day when you sleep in together - whether it's a Sunday morning, or a couple of days every month. Cuddle your way through the morning and have a leisurely breakfast. When you're both at your most relaxed best, you will find your relationship heading in directions you never imagined before - be it talking about your childhood dreams, or big plans for the future!

3. Go Out With Your Girls!

An important tip to have a good sex life with your partner is to avoid unnecessary jealousy and drama through abundance. Have fun with your gal pals and meet some men for some (very) harmless fun. Boost your ego! Dress up, feel attractive and be open to the attention you receive. After all, if you believe you're sexy, and feel like it, so will your guy!

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4. Go On A Vacation Alone

What can be better than experiencing a new destination - all by yourself? The joy of exploration should be foremost, individual and then, experienced with another person. If you aren't clued into what you alone like or dislike about travelling, how will you share it with another person?

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5. Approach Issues Regularly

Another tip to improve your sex life is to talk to your partner and discuss issues as and when needed. Go to a nice restaurant or a cafe - a neutral zone if you please! Have an idea of things you want to discuss with your significant other - and do it light-heartedly. Remember, small disagreements are better than big blow-outs!

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6. Have A Sex-Free Week!

Well, it's good to be good in the sack, but denying yourself (and him) this one little thing can put you in touch with yourself in more ways than one. This will also give you and your guy a little perspective on how things are going between the two of you, apart from the sex life - and help bring both of you closer in a different way.

7. Pamper Yourself!

For a better sex life, treat yourself to a day of indulgence - massages, mani-pedi, waxing... Whatever makes you feel good about yourself! Remember how that felt before XYZ came into your life? Hold on to that feeling!

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