7 FAB Ways To Look Stylish Even When You’re In A Hurry!

7 FAB Ways To Look Stylish Even When You’re In A Hurry!
Whether you are in college or working, you know how packed your morning schedule can be sometimes. We are constantly caught in the hodgepodge of getting ready for the day, eating and spending time with family. Looking well put together and stylish does not mean that you have  to invest a lot of time in getting ready. Here are some simple and effective tricks to look stylish if you’re in a rush!

1. The third piece rule!

The only rule and the most effective one when it comes to looking stylish with zero effort. The third piece rule is when you add the extra third element to your look. The third piece can be anything from an oversized blazer to a scarf. Adding a third piece polishes up your look and makes you look like you spent some quality time dressing up.

2. Splash some colour

dress in a hurry

Wearing bright colours will automatically make you look fresh and young. Colour blocking is a very convincing way to look trendy with minimal effort. Just throw on a bright top and block that with another contrasting hue and you are good to go! Easy peasy, right?

3. Co-ords are the real deal

Matching separates - a cropped top and a matching skirt - is one the biggest trends we have today. The best thing about them is that you don’t actually have to buy a co-ord set - you can just make one! Wear a black cropped top and a black pencil or a skater skirt, show off a teeny bit of skin to separate the top and bottom...and there you have it! A chic outfit guaranteed to take your style game to another level!


4. Let your shoes do the talking

dress in a hurry

They say “good shoes speak louder than words”, and rightly so! If you are in a hurry and you don’t have enough time to plan your outfit, then just put on your best shoes with something simple. A pair of statement heels or funky shoes will make your ensemble look unquestionably appealing and stylish.

5. Opaque black shades

There is no doubt that shades make a person look more attractive. If you are have a busy day out in the sun and you’re in a  bit of a rush, then just grab your favourite shades. Not only do they shield your eyes against the sun, but they also make you look stylish with a hint of mystery! And who doesn’t love that?!

6. Make a statement with your accessories

dress in a hurry

We often tend to underestimate the importance of accessories when it comes to dressing up. The right accessories can do wonders for your look...especially if you’re in a hurry. Wear a statement neckpiece over a solid coloured dress or a plain top to elevate your look.

7. Plan your outfits the night before

And last but not the least, the best way to avoid the last minute panic is to always plan your outfits a day in advance. It is a good habit to develop and saves you time in the morning to get ready without having to go insane. You can even plan the outfit mentally without trying it on and just keep it ready for the morning after. Try it. :)

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