11 Super Styling Tips For The College-Going Girl!

11 Super Styling Tips For The College-Going Girl!

Most of us have woken up every day and worn the same uniform for years at school and haven’t had to worry about how we look and what is appropriate. But now that you are stepping into college life, dressing needs to be thought about a bit more since you’ll be stepping out in different clothes every day!

Dressing Tips For College

Dressing Tips For College Girls

Here are some handy college dress styling tips that will make life easy!

1. What TYPE Of College Do You Go To?

Some colleges have a strict rule on what kind of clothes you can wear, formals or informal, etc. You have to always dress up keeping that in mind, to begin with! Is it a co-ed college? Then dressing up suitably is important! Your whole wardrobe actually takes shape with this first question!

2. Keep The Length Of Hemlines In Mind!

How to dress for college

There is always the right kind of lengths of skirts or dresses that you can wear to a certain place. When you’re dressing to go out clubbing or partying, the lengths can go much shorter, but at college, try and stick to dresses or shorts that come up to your knees at least. With sitting down in the classroom and all the running around you have to do, best to avoid chances of any accidental peekaboo!

3. How Much Skin To Show?

Following the previous point, low cut tops or short skirts or crop tops are all very fancy and stylish, but for college, it's a good idea to play it safe. You can, of course, wear whatever you want, but you don't want people’s sensibilities to be “offended”, and the focus shifting from your academic performance to your fashion choices.  

4. What Type Of Graphics And Logo Tees Are You Wearing?

How to dress for college

Stay away from graphics that are borderline “offensive” and have double meanings - you don't want your teachers to make assumptions about you as a person based on just your T-shirt!

5. Pajamas And Yoga Pants Are Not The Best Choices!

Unless you belong to a dance society or a sports team, keep these items only for exercising and sleeping! Don't let people think you're being lazy about your clothes - it might create the false impression that you're lazy about your work too. new_in_story_banner_500px

6. Wear Formals When Needed!

How to dress for college

Yes, you can dress down on a daily basis, but for those days when you have presentations and assignments - wear formal skirts, shirts, blazers, pants or dresses along with the right kind of shoes to make that everlasting impression. These things go a long way and will only work in your favor. So go invest in some formals!

7. The Perfect Kind Of Undergarments

You know what we are talking about! Those pesky bra straps peeking, that visible panty line or the color of the bra showing from underneath your clothes. Unless you're deliberately going for the peekaboo look, take extra care to make sure these things look right. Carry spare panties on those days of the month to be safe. Wear longer tops with leggings.

8. Shoes That Work?

How to dress for college

No bathroom slippers, no broken sandals and no dirty sneakers. Wear simple but appropriate shoes. If you want to wear heels, make sure they are comfortable and they don’t bother you. Wearing polished and clean shoes to college and make a stylish statement! Don’t be scared to experiment with different kind of shoes too!

9. Do Not Wear Wrinkled Or Dirty Clothes!

Sometimes we’re lazy, sometimes we are running late, but wearing un-ironed clothes or clothes that smell or are stained might draw unnecessary attention of the wrong kind. Avoid this situation and take that extra effort to dress smartly and look good every day! Also, make sure that your hair is not too messy either. Amp up your style game and dress for the win always!

10. Keep it Simple Yet Trendy

college girls

When you are in college, you need to choose a set of clothing, which will not only help you throughout your hectic schedule but also keeps your fashion on point. Don’t try to overdo and go for basic shirts and a simple pair of jeans. You might agree on the fact that being simple is classier than being too adorned with all kinds of things and accessories.

11. Learn the Layering

Layering will take your style up to another level. It will definitely help you create interesting and stylish combinations for your appearance, it has then become the most essential skill to be learned by every man.

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