Tuesday Tutorial: The Reverse Smoky Eye - So Easy & SO Pretty!

Tuesday Tutorial: The Reverse Smoky Eye - So Easy & SO Pretty!
We have all dabbled with the smoky eye - well, at least we’ve tried to - but more often than not ended up with drunken panda eyes. Enter the reverse smoky eye! Not only is it simpler to do, it is also great for opening up small eyes and it basically adds a fun twist to the done-to-death smoky eye. It’s exactly as it sounds, it’s about playing up your lower lash line instead of your lids. Since it is a bit less dramatic than a regular smoky eye, you can even rock it in the day time.

reverse smoky eye

You Will Need:

  • A thick Kajal pencil

  • Brown and black eyeshadows

  • A flat eyeshadow brush


Step 1: Apply a neutral eye shadow with a bit of shimmer on your lids to give you a polished edge and not look like you completely forgot about your eyelids.

Step 2: Heavily line your lower waterline with your kajal pencil.

Step 3: Take a small, flat brush and blend and smudge your kajal using short strokes to extend it past the inner and outer corners of your eyes and soften the edges.

Step 4: Now apply a medium dark eye shadow with a bit of shimmer in it for that smoky effect. Apply it over your black kajal and on the edges to soften the look.

Step 5: Smudge a bit of black shadow close the water line to finish off this edgy look. Don’t forget mascara for some extra drama!

reverse smoky eye

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