Are You Wearing The Right Bra? Here’s How To Measure Yourself!

Are You Wearing The Right Bra? Here’s How To Measure Yourself!
You might not know this but your twins have suffered a lifetime of the wrong-sized bra! Yes, the side boob might be a fashion statement on the red carpet, but in reality any spillover from your bra means you’ve got the size (and shape!) wrong. How to know if you’re wearing the right size then? We got your back. Here’s the only list of things you’ll have to keep in mind while buying lingerie. Remember it. Copy it. Paste it in your lingerie drawer!

1. All About The Numbers

To ascertain what size and shape you are, it is important to measure yourself properly (and at regular intervals). Place a measuring tape right over the widest part of your breasts and note down the number. Then place the tape at the base of your boobs and around your ribcage. This makes for the second pair of digits to keep in mind. Measure these digits in centimetres and head over to the Enamor website (which has a very useful size chart) to get your correct size.

how to correctly measure your bra size. 1

2. Side Profile, Please?

Different women have different kinds of breasts and there is no good or bad type. It’s just how they’re placed that matters. Check your side profile by standing in front of a mirror. If your boobs are rounded (both from the top and bottom), you’ve got fabulously full, apple-shaped breasts and won’t require a push-up bra (unless your twins are wide-set). What you need is full-coverage since you boobs tend to spill out of the top of most bras you pick.

Bottom-happy or pear-shaped boobs are rounded at the bottom and slope from the top. Women with such a side profile usually require underwire bras to create a cleavage. Bright and perky boobs on a shallow chest usually does not require a push-up but could do with a padded bra to give the illusion of volume.

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3. Twin Placing

The next thing to ascertain is whether your boobs are regular, wide-set or narrow. You need to figure out if your breasts are placed wide apart (usually women with boobs like these lack a cleavage), narrow (hello there, gorgeous cleavage) or regular. The chart below will help you identify how your twins are placed.

how to correctly measure your bra size. 3

4. Tricks To Tell If You’re Wearing The Right Bra

Here’s how you can tell if you’re wearing the right bra or not:
  • The back of the bra shouldn’t ride up.

  • You should be able to slide only 1 finger under the band.

  • Wear a thin t-shirt over your bra to see if it looks good and to make sure all patterns and lingerie decoratives (like lace) stay hidden.

  • There should not be a gap between your breasts and the bra cups.

  • It should not ride up when you put your hands up.

  • There should be no side-boob or any part of your breasts spilling over.

how to correctly measure your bra size. 4

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