#HeSays: How Guys Try To Be, Um, *Sexy*!

#HeSays: How Guys Try To Be, Um, *Sexy*!
Ladies, we know that most of you think that us guys don’t put a whole lot of effort into dressing up and stuff. Let us tell you: that is just not true. We may not look as good as you do (we can’t help it - girls are just prettier!), but we do TRY! Although, we must point out, you ladies don’t really seem to notice it…

1. When we spend a full hour doing our hair!

And douse it in a hundred products so that it looks all cool and funky. But how do you ladies respond? By trying to ruffle it and then complaining: “Ew, your hair is so stiff. Why have you used so much gel?!”

how guys try to be sexy 1

2. And we trim and trim and trim our facial hair to perfection…

And you’re all like: “Ugh, bristle burn.”

3. We do push-ups when we know we’re going to be meeting you.

At least five extra ones. Even if the count on days we don’t meet you is zero. But we’re STILL waiting for the day when you touch our arms and ask: “Ooh, have you been working out?!”

4. We make that extra effort to smell good for you, you know.

Perfume, cologne, the whole shebang. But what do you do? You say: “Oh, something smells nice here. I wonder what air freshener they’re using…” Until we point it out, it just doesn’t seem to strike you that the source of that nice smell is us.

how guys try to be sexy 4

5. We even try the smouldering gaze. And try to tell you with our eyes that we want you.

But what usually happens is...you saying: “Why are you staring at me like that? OMG, do I have lipstick on my teeth? Or food?!”


6. And, of course, the husky, sexy, low voice when we’re speaking to you late at night…

And you’re like: “Hello, can you speak louder? I can’t hear you at ALL. Your network is really bad!”

7. Last, but not the least, we put up profile pictures where we think we’re looking particularly good and wait for you to notice…

You do notice. And say: “Hey, do you have my pictures from that evening? Send them to me, na!”

guys try to be sexy 7

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