#HeSays: Your guide to what turns men on in bed

#HeSays: Your guide to what turns men on in bed
There are things that get us in the mood. And there are things that arouse us even more. Beyond the fancy lingerie and sexy perfumes, we bring you a few things you ladies do that really great turn ons for men in bed. 

1. A little dirty talk

Yes, that’s true. Dirty talk is definitely what turns men on. It’s kinda hot to hear you say what you’d like to do to us, or have us do to you. It puts into words what we’re feeling... 

what turns guys on

2. When she knows what she wants

A girl telling us “Do more of that” or even “Do it like that” is what turns guys on, because we know then exactly how to work towards maximum pleasure. Besides, confidence is always sexy.

3. Oral sex, duh

This one surely tops the list of turn ons for men. We love receiving it. We love giving it. And we even love it when we can do both at the same time. Even if you want to take a break in the middle of full-fledged action to indulge in some oral sex, know that it’s going to turn us on more, not break our rhythm.

4. A girl taking charge

We like being in charge, sure. But it’s also brilliant when the girl we’ve been sleeping with turns the tables on us and takes control. From initiating sex to surprising us with something new in bed - it’s all great. While there is no real list of what turns men on, this one really builds the spark.

what turns guys on

5. The willingness to explore our fantasies

Ladies, can there be anything sexier than knowing that the girl we like and are in bed with is open to finding out and acting on our deepest, secret fantasies?! The list of what turns guys on is incomplete without the idea of our wild fantasies.

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6. The sounds she makes

From the catch in her breath to the soft moans to even the odd scream or two… We’re sensual creatures, and while we can see you, touch you, smell you, taste you, it’s amazing to be able to hear you as well. A series of natural moans is definitely what turns men on.

7. A girl’s orgasm

No, it’s not true that us guys are only after our own pleasure. We’re not - seriously. We want pleasure for both of us. And knowing that we’ve pleasured you to the point of satisfaction is something that arouses us even more. 

what turns guys on

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